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Escape with Piece of Cake

March 24th, 2015

Colleen here, reminiscing about one of my favorite times with family. What memory does our Piece of Cake bring back for you?

I come home to my empty apartment and scoop a big mound of Piece of Cake into my bowl. As I scrape my spoon across the yellow cake flavored ice cream, I escape to a comfortable memory ….

I hear the sound of footsteps and recognize the beginning of a familiar tune. As the two get louder, I see the spark of a candle. Everyone in the room stares at me as they sing Happy Birthday in their own pitch. My eyes, however, are locked on the cake that has been placed on the table in front of me.

I spot a piece of pound cake in my ice cream and dig it out. It’s perfectly soft and sweet.

This 15-second song is the only thing standing in the way of me devouring this beautiful, homemade yellow cake concealed under rich, chocolate frosting. The song finishes. No Uncle Tony, we don’t need the next verse, we know how old I am. That first slice is handed over to me.

My next spoonful has a big swirl of chocolate frosting. Oh, it tastes like it came right off the top of a cake.

In slow motion I watch my fork slice through the top layer of sweet, chocolaty frosting, leaving little indentations where each tine has touched. My utensil picks up speed when it reaches the moist cake. There’s no stopping now. With one fell swoop, the dessert is on my fork, off the plate and into my mouth. As these flavors swirl together, every cell in my body begins to swell with sweet and satisfying happiness. This is what I envision “home” would taste like.

My spoon clanks as it hits the empty bowl. Finishing that was … a piece of cake!


Piece of Cake

Escape with Fireball

March 23rd, 2015

Here’s a hot one for you! Today I’m writing about where Fireball took me the first time I tried it.

Looking to heat up my day, I grab a scoop of Fireball. The first bite of hot cinnamon ice cream invites me to escape to my favorite summer memory…

It is warm outside. Correction: it is hot! But it is summer and it wouldn’t feel like fair and festival season without the heat wave. Beads of perspiration start to form on the back of my neck as we walk across the fairgrounds. Bells of carnival games ring in the background along with the joyous screams of little kids on rides.

I scratch the surface of the ice cream to catch the cinnamon flavored swirl.

As the day winds down, my family looks for the stand selling the large sticks of hot cinnamon taffy. It’s a summer staple for us and besides riding the Ferris wheel, is our favorite part of the fair. Every year I think I’m prepared for the heat of the cinnamon but it always catches me off guard. This year is no different as I take my first, big bite of the delicious taffy.

I bite into a cinnamonette candy, blasting devilishly hot cinnamon into my mouth.

BOOM! A red firework bursts over our heads, lighting up the sky. One after another, brightly colored explosives crack open with a chorus of “oohs” and “ahhs.” We always stay to watch the firework display because it’s the best performance in town. The temperature drops a couple degrees as another perfect summer day draws to a close.

My mouth cools down with the last spoonful of ice cream. Well, one more scoop couldn’t hurt!




Escape with Almond Amaretto

March 22nd, 2015

Hi again! Today’s love story comes from the first time I tried Almond Amaretto.  

When I open my carton of Almond Amaretto, the soft scent of amaretto transports me to the land of romance…

I’m sitting at a wooden table, overlooking one of the many canals that form the veins of Venice. Below, a gondola drifts through the water with a young couple gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. The two snuggle close as the gondolier serenades them with a passionate Italian song.

The amaretto and coffee liqueur ice cream is love at first bite!

I sip my coffee, breathing in the hint of amaretto and coffee liqueur. The romantic ambiance of the lagoon beneath me remains untouched after all these years. The canal is buzzing with amore and I can’t help but fall in love with Venice’s incomparable beauty and architecture.

My next spoonful is spiked with roasted almonds.

My thought is interrupted when the smell of roasted almonds wafts over from a waterfront boutique. I follow the aroma and observe several couples holding hands against the backdrop of ancient buildings. This city acts as a living museum and I’m staring into it like a painting.

My ice cream affection is cut short when I place my spoon in the empty carton. I better grab some more. Ciao!

- Colleen


Almond Amaretto

Escape with French Vanilla

March 21st, 2015

Bonjour! C’est Colleen. Today I’m sharing how French Vanilla took me overseas to the City of Light!  

Looking to add some “ooh la la” to my ordinary day, I pull out the French Vanilla.  The second I open the pint, I escape…

The bustling Parisian street is paved in style and sophistication. As I weave my way across Paris, I gaze in awe at the architectural masterpieces that line the city. People I pass appear mysterious and I attempt to imitate their elegance.

I’ve had vanilla ice cream many times before but French Vanilla seems more chic.

I stroll along the banks of the Seine until I spot the Eiffel Tower. Growing up, I’ve seen many pictures of it so I thought I knew what to expect.  But now, as I stand underneath the massive structure and look up at its magnificent beauty and intricate construction, I am speechless.  

My spoon easily glides across the cream colored scoop.

When the sun goes down the Eiffel Tower is illuminated in billions of lights. It radiates a bright champagne hue against the dark sky, acting as a beacon in the night. At this hour the city transforms and remains lively into early signs of morning. This magical experience isn’t over yet!

I say “Au revoir!” to my ice cream as I finish the last bite. Until next time!

French Vanilla