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Escape with Cocoa-Nut Bliss

April 4th, 2015

For the last time, it’s Colleen. When I first indulged in Cocoa-Nut Bliss, I enjoyed an island adventure.

I put some Cocoa-Nut Bliss in a bowl and get ready to relax. A bite of the creamy coconut ice cream has me packing for an escape…

I’m lying on the beach under the warm Caribbean sun. The soft smell of saltwater and sunscreen floats through the air. I run the sand, white and fine, through my fingertips. As I sip my coconut drink, I start to unwind.   

I love coconut ice cream but these fudge swirls take it to the next level!

A row of large islands sit out in the distance, casting a dark outline against the bright sky. I watch as colorful rowboats transport vacationers in bright bathing suits from one island to the next. Not a care in the world, they smile and laugh as they explore a land they’ve never seen before.

My scoop is deliciously speckled with white shreds of coconut.

The shoreline is dotted with sea foam in varying shades of white. The water is crystal clear at the edge, turquoise farther out and royal blue in the deepest parts. The sea is calm with only a slight ripple when the rowboats come ashore.

Fudge coated almonds and fudge chunks make my next spoonful sweet and crunchy.

Beneath the water, I see dark sea shells stuck in the sand. I dig one out and examine its surface. It is shiny and glitters in the sun. I pull out a couple more and realize they too had intricate designs across their exteriors. Like snowflakes, each one was unique and miraculously beautiful. I collect a few of my favorites and save them for later.   

As I finish the last bite of ice cream, I feel the warm sea breeze roll out the window. So long tropical sun; see you next scoop!

Cocoa-Nut Bliss


Escape with Rocky Mountain Raspberry

April 3rd, 2015

It’s Colleen again. Lace up your hiking boots for Rocky Mountain Raspberry’s outdoor adventure!

Hoping to break up the monotony of my week, I scoop some Rocky Mountain Raspberry into a bowl.  The initial taste of white chocolate ice cream invites me on an escape…

This is my first time seeing the Rocky Mountains so we begin our hike in the heart of the national park. I carefully watch my footing as I step over rocks of all sizes, slowly ascending up one mountain. I take a sip of my water and become entranced by a flock of birds in a nearby tree.

Raspberry swirls run through the ice cream like tiny creeks.

When we arrive at a meandering stream, I pause to watch tiny fish swim in the current. I cautiously step from one rock to the next to cross, making sure I don’t slip. My last step isn’t quite perfect and I splash water up onto the ledge. It feels cool and refreshing after the first half of our climb.

I am delighted when my next spoonful is spotted with chunks of almond raspberry fudge.

I am determined to reach the top of this mountain and we aren’t far away. After twenty more grueling minutes, we stand one boulder away from the peak. I use the rest of my energy for one last push. As I step onto the highest point, I am flooded with a rush of emotions. I am incredibly proud of my achievement yet exhausted at the same time. But all I care about is the beautiful view of Mother Nature’s handiwork sprawled out in front of me.

With the final spoonful of ice cream gone, I feel both accomplished and full. I need to rest before I have some more.

Rocky Mountain Raspberry

Escape with Banana Cream Pie

April 2nd, 2015

Colleen here! Today’s sun reminds me of the first time I tried Banana Cream Pie.

When I open the carton of Banana Cream Pie the soft scent of bananas drifts out and I begin to escape…

It’s my first time trying banana cream pie. I don’t know what to expect but my mom places a large piece in front of me anyway. The yellow tint of the pie glows from my plate and my eyes widen with excitement.

My spoon slides across the surface, picking up the silky swirl of vanilla cream.

My fork slowly slices through the thick top layer of the cake. The vanilla cream is whipped and light as a cloud. I stop for a second and lick the sweet cream off my utensil. It is delightful so I try some more.    

I peel back the top of the banana ice cream and scoop up a few bits of vanilla wafers.

My fork easily cuts through the banana-flavored custard and grabs a piece of banana. It then carves into the crust made of vanilla wafers and heads for my mouth. When all of the flavors fuse together, my stomach shouts for joy! I don’t know why I was so skeptical; this dessert is delicious! I finish off the piece and pick up every last crumb from my plate.

 I find myself licking the bowl clean. Maybe I’ll grab another slice…I mean, scoop!

Banana Cream Pie


Escape with Sponge Candy

April 1st, 2015

Here is what happened the first time I tried the local favorite, Sponge Candy.

Homesick for Buffalo, I reach for the carton of Sponge Candy. The second the caramel ice cream reaches my taste buds, I begin to escape…

It is mid-January in Buffalo and the temperature is just right for spending an afternoon outside. As I walk along the waterfront, I admiringly gaze at the fantastic views of Lake Erie. High in the sky sits a large, caramel colored sun, reminding me that winter won’t last forever. In the meantime, I should take advantage of the activities this weather provides.

I glide my spoon across a ribbon of caramelized sugar.

With one step, I glide across the freshly set ice rink. My skates leave crisp tracks as my feet strive to remember how to maneuver on the ice. After a few minutes, I am spinning and swirling around with no problem. I feel so alive and free, effortlessly floating on top of the crystal surface.

My next spoonful is scattered with sweet pieces of sponge candy.

When we finally decide to take a break, my mom pulls out a fresh bag of milk chocolate sponge candy. I haven’t tasted sponge candy in so long so I am ecstatic to see those little brown squares. My first bite plays out in slow motion. The sponge starts off crisp and then melts away in my mouth as the chocolate begins to dissolve, leaving the most beautiful combination of flavors. Mm, I could savor this moment forever.

Once I finish my bowl of ice cream, I realize I’m not at home. But another scoop would make me feel like I am!

– Colleen

Sponge Candy