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5th Gen Takeover

June 17th, 2015


Paige Denning, Jenna Perry & Leah Denning

Hello! Welcome to the 5th Gen Takeover. We are Jenna, Leah, and Paige and we will be showing you our perspective of our family business, Perry’s Ice Cream. We will be posting throughout the summer; look for #perrys5thgen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


Hi everyone! My name is Jenna Perry; I am the daughter of Brian and Jayne Perry. I have been working here at Perry’s for the past four years in the marketing department. I am currently a junior at Medaille College, studying business administration. With my degree, I plan to bring an additional creative mind to our marketing team. I am so proud to be able to call Perry’s Ice Cream my family business and I can’t wait to get started and see what is in store for the future of Perry’s Ice Cream!

Hello :) My name is Leah Denning, Bob and Gayle Denning’s oldest daughter, and I am part of Perry’s 5th generation. I have been working at Perry’s for the past two years in Research and Development and Human Resources. I am currently a sophomore at SUNY Cortland, floating as a no major. I am leaning toward Business Economics with a concentration in Human Resource Management.  Going away to school has made me even more proud to call Buffalo my home and to be part of a local business like Perry’s. I am really excited to see what this summer and the years ahead have in store for me and our family business.

Hi, I’m Paige Denning, Bob and Gayle’s second daughter. I’m going to be a senior in high school. I worked in the marketing department last summer and look forward to returning there this year. Currently, I am looking to attend Canisius College for marketing in the fall of 2016. I am proud to be a member of our family business and hope to stay a part of it for the rest of my life.

See you soon :)


Two great flavors are now in stores!

April 10th, 2015

These two great flavors can now be found in retail stores!Super Hero


Super Hero is ready to fly into your freezer. Rescue your taste buds from the dull and boring with cherry bubblegum, lemon, and blue raspberry flavored ice cream.


Cinnamon Stick



Is the sweet, crumbly topping your favorite part of coffee cake? Then you’ll love the delicious cinnamon graham swirled in cinnamon ice cream with Cinnamon Stick.


Track these down with our Flavor Finder.

Escape with French Vanilla

March 21st, 2015

Bonjour! C’est Colleen. Today I’m sharing how French Vanilla took me overseas to the City of Light!  

Looking to add some “ooh la la” to my ordinary day, I pull out the French Vanilla.  The second I open the pint, I escape…

The bustling Parisian street is paved in style and sophistication. As I weave my way across Paris, I gaze in awe at the architectural masterpieces that line the city. People I pass appear mysterious and I attempt to imitate their elegance.

I’ve had vanilla ice cream many times before but French Vanilla seems more chic.

I stroll along the banks of the Seine until I spot the Eiffel Tower. Growing up, I’ve seen many pictures of it so I thought I knew what to expect.  But now, as I stand underneath the massive structure and look up at its magnificent beauty and intricate construction, I am speechless.  

My spoon easily glides across the cream colored scoop.

When the sun goes down the Eiffel Tower is illuminated in billions of lights. It radiates a bright champagne hue against the dark sky, acting as a beacon in the night. At this hour the city transforms and remains lively into early signs of morning. This magical experience isn’t over yet!

I say “Au revoir!” to my ice cream as I finish the last bite. Until next time!

French Vanilla

Escape with Queen of Hearts

March 19th, 2015

Colleen again. Boy, was it an exciting experience when I tried Queen of Hearts for the first time!  

Feeling lucky, I spoon some Queen of Hearts into a bowl. With the first bite of dark chocolate ice cream, I escape…

The casino’s flashing lights and sounds can’t distract me from my game of five card stud. It’s down to me and one other player in the tournament. Excited about my beginners luck, I am dealt the King of Hearts face down and the Ace of Hearts face up. The betting begins. The next card dealt to me is the Jack of Hearts. My anticipation grows along with the betting.

I carefully scrape up the raspberry swirl that is tightly hugging the ice cream.

Another card is laid in front of me. The first thing to grab my attention is the raspberry colored hearts covering the card. Ten hearts to be exact. More chips get pushed into the center as my opponent feels equally optimistic. My hands start to sweat. I wrap my arms around my body, hugging myself in an attempt to keep my composure. I hold my breath and wait for my final card.

I bite into a chocolate heart and rich fudge bursts out.

In slow motion, the Queen of Hearts is placed in front of me. I’m bursting with excitement on the inside but I try to appear relaxed on the outside. After my opponent bets, I push all of my chips into the center of the table. I ecstatically show my cards, revealing my royal flush. Cheers erupt and it hits me that I won my first tournament.

When my boyfriend frowns because he lost at Scat, I realize my bowl is empty. I can easily turn this luck around with another scoop…

Queen of Hearts