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Escape with Mexican Chocolate

March 27th, 2015

Colleen again. Today I’m reporting from Mexico, where a scoop of Mexican Chocolate really brings the heat.

I reach into my freezer and pull out the carton of Mexican Chocolate. I eagerly pull off the lid and immediately escape to Mexico…

We decided to take a tour of the ancient Mayan ruins to discover more about Mexico’s rich and mysterious past. When we stop in front of the first ruin, my jaw drops in shock. My eyes trace over each edge and carving that has remained in almost excellent condition after thousands of years.

Without hesitation, my spoon digs right into the chocolate ice cream.

Our guide explains that chocolate was a large part of the Mayan culture. In fact, they used cacao beans as their currency. I learn the Mayans prepared chocolate in a similar way to how it is prepared today; however, they made it strictly for drinking. Hey, I love chocolate in any form!

A hint of cinnamon and spice knocks into my taste buds.

As we walk around the ruins, the air feels thick against my skin. The stifling heat causes my shirt to stick to my back. I sit down and take a swig from my water bottle.

When I stop to take a breather, I see my ice cream is all gone. I should go back for more!

Mexican Chocolate

Escape with Toffee Coffee

March 26th, 2015

Hi there! Today I enjoyed Toffee Coffee for the perfect morning pick-me-up.

Feeling groggy, I reach for the carton of Toffee Coffee.The first taste of cappuccino ice cream welcomes me to a relaxing escape…

I settle into my favorite spot at the local coffee shop. The sun has been streaming in through the front window and warmed the large, leather armchair. Needing a jolt of caffeine to get me through the rest of my day (heck, the rest of my week), I order a cappuccino.

I cut into the surface until I reach the thick ribbon of fudge.

My cappuccino arrives with chocolate delicately sprinkled on top of the foam. Since I rarely get time to myself, I figured I might as well indulge a little. After carefully blowing on the hot liquid, I cautiously lift the cappuccino to my mouth and take a sip. A beverage this delicious must not be wasted!

With my next spoonful, I crunch into a delicious almond toffee piece.

I start to watch the people around me. There are always a few “nuts” in the crowd and hearing about other people’s troubles makes me realize that mine aren’t so bad. Sitting back in my chair, I take a deep breath and inhale the smell of fresh coffee beans. For the next few minutes, I relax and let my thoughts wander…

When my phone starts ringing, I notice that I finished all the ice cream in my bowl. I guess it’s time to get back to the grind!

– Colleen

Toffee Coffee

Escape with Grasshopper Pie

March 25th, 2015

My first time trying Grasshopper Pie had me dreaming of being a kid at the start of summertime.

The fresh mint taste of Grasshopper Pie invites me to escape to a childhood memory of a perfect summer day…

My body has yet to stray from its school year sleep schedule so even though it’s summer vacation, I’m up early. I head towards the neighborhood park a few streets over, already feeling the humidity roll in.  As I cut through my neighbor’s backyard, I feel the dewy grass poke through my sandals and stick to my feet. With each step I reach down and try to brush the blades off but the effort is useless.  

My spoon effortlessly glides across the ice cream, scooping up the swirl of fudge.

The lawn mower left dandelion seeds and the smell of fresh cut grass floating through the air. When I see the large hill sitting untouched, I get a jolt of energy and race to the top. The second I reach the peak, I lie down and start to barrel roll down to the bottom. I stand up, laughing, and swiftly brush off the grass that stuck to my shirt. Before I can catch my breath, I run up the hill to do it again.

I load up my next spoonful with chocolate crème-filled cookies.

Once the sun starts to go down I know it’s time to head back home. Out on the patio, my mom presents a beautiful, green grasshopper pie for dessert. I scoop a big piece of cookie crust and minty filling onto my fork. The second the refreshing mint meets my lips, a chill runs through my veins. I pick the last fudge crumbs off my plate and realize the heat and exhaustion from a long day outside has successfully been erased.  

When I finish my last bite, I realize summer is far away. And this quart will be long gone before then!

– Colleen

Grasshopper Pie

Escape with Piece of Cake

March 24th, 2015

Colleen here, reminiscing about one of my favorite times with family. What memory does our Piece of Cake bring back for you?

I come home to my empty apartment and scoop a big mound of Piece of Cake into my bowl. As I scrape my spoon across the yellow cake flavored ice cream, I escape to a comfortable memory ….

I hear the sound of footsteps and recognize the beginning of a familiar tune. As the two get louder, I see the spark of a candle. Everyone in the room stares at me as they sing Happy Birthday in their own pitch. My eyes, however, are locked on the cake that has been placed on the table in front of me.

I spot a piece of pound cake in my ice cream and dig it out. It’s perfectly soft and sweet.

This 15-second song is the only thing standing in the way of me devouring this beautiful, homemade yellow cake concealed under rich, chocolate frosting. The song finishes. No Uncle Tony, we don’t need the next verse, we know how old I am. That first slice is handed over to me.

My next spoonful has a big swirl of chocolate frosting. Oh, it tastes like it came right off the top of a cake.

In slow motion I watch my fork slice through the top layer of sweet, chocolaty frosting, leaving little indentations where each tine has touched. My utensil picks up speed when it reaches the moist cake. There’s no stopping now. With one fell swoop, the dessert is on my fork, off the plate and into my mouth. As these flavors swirl together, every cell in my body begins to swell with sweet and satisfying happiness. This is what I envision “home” would taste like.

My spoon clanks as it hits the empty bowl. Finishing that was … a piece of cake!


Piece of Cake