October 22, 2018

Perry’s Ice Cream Launches Two New Seasonal Holiday Flavors

Perry’s Ice Cream is launching two new limited edition seasonal flavors for the holiday season. Hot Cocoa

Perry’s raided Santa’s stash to create Elf Trash, a white chocolate ice cream with red and green fudge candies, fudge covered pretzels, fudge covered peanuts, and praline peanuts.  The pint package is whimsical and features a special message from their “head elf”.

Cozy up by the fire with Hot Cocoa, a hot chocolate ice cream with mini marshmallows.  The family size package features a snowy winter theme.

“Perry’s is always looking to bring excitement to the line up and this season we saw an opportunity with our holiday seasonals.  We’ve transformed a traditional holiday snack into a playful ice cream flavor with Elf Trash.  We also look for trends in the market and Hot Cocoa themed products are on the rise across multiple categories,”  said Nichole Buryta, brand manager.

In addition, Perry’s classic holiday flavors are now available for the season including, Pumpkin Pie, Peppermint Stick and White Christmas.



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