December 9, 2013

12 Days of Perry’s 2013

Update: 12 Days of Perry’s Winners:

Day 1: Rebecca Wilson, Dana Esker*, Michael  Burkett

Day 2: Shannon Baugher*, Lucia Scotty, Ria Rowan

Day 3: Nicole Carpenter, Donna Parsons, Debbie Kinkel-Dann*

Day 4: Theresa Seely Fecik*, Michele Brasher-Yackel, Ronald Willard

Day 5: Kellie Kelsey, Tracy Mancini, Shannon Schleif*

Day 6:  Millie Logel, Ashley Wagner*, Marian Sisson

Day 7: Tara Jeanne Vallee, Josie Flynn, Dion Johnson*

Day 8: Katherine Ostrander*, Cecily Jean Matacic, Carly Wixson, Diane Carder

Day 9: Kylee Gould Peters*, Roslyn Lisk, Lynette Failing

Day 10: Terry Krentz, Mary Rutter, Miguel Marrero*

Day 11: Kimberly Sucy*, Helena Luce, Janet Lewis, William Cole

Day 12: Lynn Dobrico, Jen Gorski Gratien*, Katherine Honor Smith

Winners with an (*) to their name are the grand prize of the day winners – they will also receive a  a Perry’s Ice Cream official scoop, which you can’t buy anywhere!

Grand prize winners: Joyce Ackerman, Vicki Carr and Mary Liska.

Congratulations to all the winners! Please share your mailing address with us, so we can mail you your prize. Please share via a Facebook private message or by emailing [email protected] 

Grand prize winners, please share the mailing address and the name of who would you like to receive the ice cream shipment. If we hear from all of you on time we are planning to ship the ice cream January 30th to arrive January 31st.

It is this time of the year again, let the 12 Days of Perry’s begin!

12 Days of Perry's Banner Square

Beginning December 9 and for the next 12 days you can visit our Facebook page in the morning to receive your daily challenge. To participate and enter to win you simply need to comment underneath the question with your answer – it is your automatic ticket to win daily prizes, including a Perry’s Ice Cream home delivery … to anywhere in the US! Detailed rules to this sweepstakes can be found via THIS LINK.

It is a special chance you wouldn’t want to miss, because anywhere in the US literally means – anywhere in the US. Is there a grandma that lives in Florida? Well, you’ll have a chance to send her a very special care package. Is there a brother that moved out to West Coast? He might be getting a special delivery.

We will be selecting Perry’s Ice Cream home delivery winners at the end of the 12 Days of Perry’s, so you have 12 chances to enter for this grand prize by answering each of the 12 questions. There are special daily prizes as well, including a brand new Perry’s Ice Cream scoop (you can’t buy one like this anywhere), which will stay cool longer than an ordinary scoop to help with scoopability (yes, we actually use a term like that! ).

Perrys Ice Cream New Scoop

To top off the 12 Days of Perry’s fun, there is also a new $1 OFF coupon for Perry’s fans and friends available – CLICK HERE to print yours.


Good luck, and, spread the word!

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