February 29, 2012

A 1-2-3 Social Media & Web Guide for Ice Cream Stands

Dear Customers,

We have put together this easy, 1-2-3 guide to help you to become visible online.

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Now, onto the three steps:

**If you missed it during our trade show on March 1st, here is the information we shared with the ones in attendance – view the presentation via THIS LINK.

  1. Make sure you are registered as a Google Place: www.google.com/places/. You will need to sign up for  a Google email account (it’s free!) to register your place.
  2. Create your page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php. You need to have a personal Facebook account to create the page (it is free as well). Each page can have several administrators, so you don’t have to be the only one managing the page. Managing the page isn’t time consuming. We’ll share ideas here on this page soon, and also via our Customer Newsletter. A quick step by step guide on creating the pages will be added here soon, but you can go ahead and follow the link, which will take you through the process step by step.
  3. Claim your stand page on FourSquare. Most likely it already exists and has a major, so its better you know him or her: https://foursquare.com/.

Come back to this page in a couple weeks (or read the newsletters) – we will share:

  1. More detailed instructions on steps 1-2-3;
  2. More ideas of what to post to your Facebook;
  3. How to reward your Facebook or FourSquare visitors and make them come back more often.

Of course, comment below with any questions.

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