March 14, 2015

Introducing our new flavors of 2015…

What better way to kick off spring than to try our new flavors at ice cream stands? This year we are welcoming six new ice cream stand flavors. They are…



Deep Sea Treasure: Caramel ice cream with salty caramel swirls and caramel sea salt truffles

Lemon Chillo: Lemon ice cream with lemon cookie swirls

Toasted Coconut: Coconut ice cream with fudge-coated coconut shreds





Cinnamon Bun: Cinnamon ice cream with cinnamon graham and white icing swirls

Cookies & Cocoa: Chocolate ice cream with crème-filled cookies

Peanut Butter Candy: Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter swirls and peanut butter candy pieces


Visit your local ice cream stand to try one or all six! Need help locating a specific flavor? Track it down with our Flavor Finder.

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