January 30, 2013

A Simple Guide to Packaging

When you are standing in front of the ice cream aisle, pondering which product or new flavor to try, it can all be confusing. There are so many different options… Premium ice cream! All natural ice cream! Frozen yogurt! Light ice cream! Sherbet! Light no sugar added ice cream! Not to mention the variety of flavors.

You may not have noticed, but at Perry’s we’ve tried to make finding your favorite product easier. How did we do this? We’ve color-coded the package! Below is a simple guide to help you decode the different offerings.

Perry’s signature premium ice cream is in a black package. For seasonal or special offerings, sometimes we add some extra details (like pumpkins on Pumpkin Pie) but the background is black.

Extra tidbit: Perry’s was the first to use a black carton in the ice cream category!

The only exception is for our specialty flavor with the Buffalo Sabres, Top Shelf Sundae. It is blue and gold, of course!

Perry’s all-natural premium ice cream is our newest package, with a light brown textured background.

Perfectly Churned™ light ice cream has a yellow gold background with a churned swirl.

Light no sugar added ice cream is in a deep blue package. A scroll on the package also calls out the vitamins, sugar content, and fat content in the product!

Perry’s frozen yogurt has a deep magenta package. Like the light no sugar added ice cream, this package has a handy scroll that lists all the vitamins in the product!

Last but, not least, sherbet is in a white package with light blue accents.

Hopefully this guide will help you find your favorite product the next time you visit the ice cream aisle. And if you accidentally grab the wrong item, we guarantee it will still taste great!

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