Learning never tasted so good.

Fact #1

Until 1800, ice cream was an exotic dessert enjoyed primarily by society’s elite.

Fact #2

Immigrants on Ellis Island were served ice cream as part of their first meal in America.

Fact #3

Italo Marchiony invented ice cream cones in 1896 to stop customers at the World’s Fair from stealing his glass dishes.

Fact #4

Perry’s Ice Cream was founded in 1918 when H. Morton Perry, a broom maker, purchased a small dairy in Akron, NY.

Fact #5

National Ice Cream Day is celebrated each year on the third Sunday in July.

Fact #6

One of the most important ingredients in ice cream is air. Without it, your favorite flavor would be as hard as a rock.

Fact #7

Perry’s produces over 12 million gallons of ice cream every year.

Fact #8

Ice cream novelties such as ice cream on sticks and ice cream bars were introduced in the 1920s.

Fact #9

In 1924, the average American enjoyed eight pints of ice cream each year. By 1997, that figure jumped to 48 pints.

Fact #10

In the early 1950s, Perry’s was one of the first ice cream companies to package ice cream in a round pint container.

Fact #11

Americans consume the most ice cream per capita in the world, followed by Australians.

Fact #12

The most popular ice cream flavor is vanilla.

Fact #13

Chocolate syrup is the most popular ice cream topping.

Fact #14

Ice cream is very popular both as late night snack and as weekday dessert, but even more preferred as a dessert on weekends.

Fact #15

1 in 5 ice cream lovers share the treat with a pet.