Perry's Old Ice Cream CartonPerry’s Ice Cream was founded in 1918 when H. Morton Perry, a broom maker, purchased a small dairy in Akron, NY. On his first day, he delivered 29 gallons of fresh milk by horse and wagon to customers in town.

The dairy operated as a home delivery and wholesale business until 1932. That year, Akron High School’s cafeteria manager asked Morton if he could supply ice cream to the school. Excited by the prospect of growing his company in the midst of the Great Depression, Morton used a family recipe for ice cream that his mother had given him.

Each evening, Morton would make a small batch of mix on the kitchen stove. He and his son, Marlo, would freeze the mix in a hand-cranked, 2-gallon ice-and-salt freezer and store it for delivery to the school the next day. As demand increased, the Perrys began delivering bulk ice cream to stores and restaurants in and around Akron.

In the early 1950s, Perry’s was one of the first companies to package ice cream in a round pint container. This package, with a plastic window on the lid, was the first product sold under the Perry’s red logo created by Sealright, a packaging company based in Fulton, NY. This logo became the signature for the Perry’s brand.

By 1970, the company had outgrown its facility on Pearl Street in Akron. Perry’s acquired an 8.5-acre parcel within the Village of Akron and constructed a new storage freezer and distribution facility. In 1982, the ribbon was cut on Perry’s new, state-of-the-art production and office facility completing the third and final phase.  With a manufacturing capacity of 6 million gallons a year, three times greater than the original plant, Perry’s was prepared to exceed the expectations of their growing customers.

Today, Perry’s is one of the two largest ice cream manufacturing plants in New York State. With over 300 associates we make approximately 500 different items totaling over 12 million gallons per year. Perry’s proudly serves its community through sponsorships and partnerships and by supporting local vendors and farmers as 98% of our milk comes from farms within 50 miles of Akron.

The company’s 2007 strategic investments of $9 million included new, automated high-speed production lines, equipment, and tanking, as well as a new distribution center. This investment supported Perry’s long-term strategic growth platforms and positions the company for the future.

For all the modern technology and advances in ice cream production our facility now offers, the Perry family remained true to its founder’s recipe.  Fresh milk and cream blended with the finest ingredients, manufactured and delivered by skilled people makes the perfect batch of Perry’s ice cream.

From our commitment to H. Morton’s values and tradition of quality, Perry’s remains an industry leader, supplying great-tasting ice cream to over 30 countries.