Win a private tour of the Buffalo Bills stadium and an ice cream social with The Bills

September 27, 2011


We can’t top off what Buffalo Bills have been accomplishing on the field in the last 3 weeks, but we do have a sweet deal to add to the excitement!

This month of October Perry’s Ice Cream and Buffalo Bills have teamed up to send you out on a scavenger hunt: you will be “hunting down” the new and amazing looking Buffalo Bills helmet on ice cream isle shelves … The helmet is in nearly 4D on the package of  Buffalo Bills Brownie Blitz.


Grand prize for the sweepstakes – a chance to win a private tour of the Bills Stadium for you and 4 of your friends and to talk strategy with the Bills themselves over ice cream. Sweet deal? We think so.

Now, every week on Fridays till the end of the sweepstakes {October 23} we will also pick two names from the “hat” to receive free  ice cream and a Bills mini helmet, so it makes sense to enter as early as you can. Keep your ice cream isle under strict supervision – Buffalo Bills Brownie Blitz should be appearing on the shelves already.

Good luck hunting and good luck in the drawing!


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  • Patricia A Jones says:

    I can’t wait to try this new ice cream. I’ve been in love with Ryan Miller’s “Breakaway Berrier” ever since it came out, and this Buffalo Bills “Brownie blitz” sounds delicious. Also, it’s that time of year for another favorite of mine … “Pumpkin pie”! Yumm!

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Patricia, thank you for your kind words. And yes, it is that time of the year, actually – Pumpkin Pie is beginning to appear in stores now!

  • Patricia A Jones says:

    I can’t wait to try this new ice cream. I’ve been in love with Ryan Miller’s “Breakaway Berrier” ever since it came out, and this Buffalo Bills “Brownie blitz” sounds delicious. Also, it’s that time of year for another favorite of mine … “Pumpkin pie”! Yumm!

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Patricia, thank you for your kind words. And yes, it is that time of the year, actually – Pumpkin Pie is beginning to appear in stores now!

  • Patricia Cichocki says:

    I am not on Facebook and would like to enter the contest for The Buffalo Bills. Is there another place to enter the contest?

  • Brent Jones says:

    I believe it’s actually called, “Ralph Wilson Stadium.”

  • Roxanne Muoio says:

    Love the Bills for years and years! Perry’s Ice Cream is the BEST!

  • Roxanne Muoio says:


  • Michele Balonek says:

    Go Bills!!

  • Carol Genet says:

    Amazing! Also love the package.

  • tom ahearn says:

    i have always loved perry’s. this new ice cream will be served at my upcoming bills game.

  • Pamela Schmidt says:

    We love perrys and the bills. Please choose us

  • Margaret Overdorf says:

    Go bills

  • Tara Livingston says:

    Omg I’m excited hope i get to try this all the way down here in SC. I moved from upstate NY a few years ago and miss my team (Buffalo bills) and great dairy. Hard to find Perry’s ice cream down here

  • dennis mcgee says:

    Go Bills!

  • Kelly Kennelly says:

    Love the Bills-Love Perrys- what better combo is there????

  • Karen Sanchez says:

    I’m a middle school teacher. My boss, the principal, is a DIEHARD Bills fan!! He is SOOOO hard working and really deserves something like this. I’m going to hunt down all the ice cream I can…. And any prize I win is for him. Go Bills! and Go Steve!

  • Jordan Van Slooten says:


  • Jim Carges says:

    Perry’s is the best!

  • Rita Iannarelli says:

    OMG It would be a sweet deal. I can have my nephews meet the Buffalo Bills. Go Bills.

  • Cindy Rotella says:

    Brilliant….Perry’s support of the Buffalo Bills and the marketing campaign for the best ice cream on the planet.

  • Mike Cooley says:

    The promo says “scavenger hunt”. I assume that is why I haven’t been able to find it in Wegman’s or Tops. If not the reason, any suggestions of where I may purchase the Bills Brownie Blitz.

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Mike, we are sorry to hear it is hard to find, because we didn’t meant to send you on a scavenger hunt literally. Please search for Buffalo Bills Brownie Blitz using our WHERE TO BUY section – it will show you the nearest alternative location to buy it based on the zip code you enter:

  • Rhonda says:

    Love Perry’s! I can remember taking my Brownie (how fitting…Brownie Blitz)troop for a tour there many years ago. Wonderful!

  • Matt Roll says:

    Pick me!!

  • William Bell says:

    Please win and win the superbowl been a fan for over 35 years I need u to win I’m tired of getting picked on….

  • Cassie Borden says:

    Perrys needs to make just chocolate chip ice cream! It would be the best seller!! 😀

  • Anthony Maly says:

    This would be awesome!! Me and my kids love the bills!!!

  • Eric Reynolds says:

    My Bills my Bills! Now my ice cream , my ice cream!!

  • suzanna masteller says:

    Who doesn’t love ice cream and the Buffalo Bills!!!

  • Michelle Henning says:

    Go Bills!!

  • daniel kneepple says:

    Can’t wait to try it, Perry’s is #1

  • Steve Yaciuk says:

    Let’s go BILLS .. Supper bowl 2012

  • Angela says:

    Awwww cute me can’t wait to try it Hey hay Hey…Hey…Let’s go Buffa-lo…Let’s go Buffa-lo The buffalobills players make me wanna SHOUT

  • Deanna harper says:

    Let’s go Buffalo!!! Best team ever. Just like Perry’s is the best ice cream ever!!!

  • Joe Walter says:

    I Have Been A Bill’s Fan All My Life And I Really Want Them To Show Every One They Can And Will Win A Super Bowl !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Walter says:

    Perry’s Ice Cream Is The Only Ice Cream I Eat, And The Bill’s Are The Only NFL Team I Have Ever Liked !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julie Plarr says:

    Go Bills!

  • Kim Coates says:

    OMG!!!! Can I have some of that in Maryland???? I want to try it!

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Kim, Maryland Wegmans stores carry Perry’s – just see which one is near you You can call your nearest one and ask them if they have the flavor (they most likely will). You can also tweet them @wegmans – they are very swift with replying. – Elena

  • Darren Williams says:

    Im a big buffalo bills fan so i hope i win lol.

  • Amber Rakiski says:

    Love Perry’s Ice cream!! My son would have a heart attack if we won this!!!!

  • Barbara Ostrowski says:

    Love Love Love Pumpkin and Apple this time of the year….. YUM!!!!!

  • RJ Derekson says:

    I can not wait to get my hands on some of the new Buffalo Bills ice cream!

  • William Fish says:

    Perrys IceCream & Buffalo Bills Football.. #Winning

  • Chris Graham says:

    GO BILLS!!!

  • Donald Schrader says:

    Finally found the Ice Cream at Clarks Busy Market in Waverly, NY
    The Clark family are the #2 Buffalo Bills fan. I’m #1. Hope to See Jim Kelly again when I win The Contest.

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      It might just happen, Donald! Meanwhile, you are a weekly prize winner, so the mini helmet and some Perry’s coupons are heading your way, congrats! – Elena

  • peggy hindy says:

    I look foward to winning this contest. love the bills. 🙂

  • Phil says:

    yumm sounds good. and great deal. ill be looking the next couple if days :0)-

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Looking through previous entries on the entry tab is a great resource of pinpointing the flavor. You can also search using our flavor finder:, Wegmans locations will be available through their site (, by calling them and, if you are up to it by tweeting them to @wegmans. – Elena

  • Brian Crane says:

    You spelled ‘aisle’ wrong. ‘isle’ is a small island. Does this hurt my chances of winning? Lol

  • Larry Knapp says:

    GO BILLS! RIP Kent Hull…

  • Paul Arns says:

    Where can we get the ice cream?

  • vicki a woodward says:

    i am the 2nd cousin of Bob Kalsu, who played for Buffalo, before he died in Vietnam. I’ve visited the Vietnam Memorial, but would love to be closer. He died 9 months before I waa born. The Bills are my team!!!! Go Bills…
    PS I live in upstate new york too.

  • Paul Arns says:

    Being a Bills fan for more than 25 years myself, I am wondering where I can get the ice cream as well?

  • Debra Lewis says:

    my husband loves the icecream and myself also but he wont let me throw away the carton i had to wash it out and he put his small bills trinkets in it. let me tell ya he had an icecream bar about 15 or so years ago and it stayed in my freezer for 3 years ho would not part with it lol .well i hope you enjoyed my little story and im keeping my fingers crossed to win .thanks for the chance. deb

  • Mark Fischer says:

    go Bills!

  • Dan Shea says:

    GO Bills 🙂


    PICK ME PICK ME- 3 REASONS WHY? #1 I LOOOOOOVE THE BILLS (HAVE FOR MANY YEARS) #2- I LOOOOVE ICE CREAM #3 I HAVE NEVER DONE A SCAVENGER HUNT. I made them up for years all throught out the City of Buffalo

  • gregory mault says:

    I like ice cream, esp Perry’s

  • Seth wilson says:

    best ice cream made by Perries because I love the brownies in it and the test is excellent and being a chef good food is the key to success

  • Kati Dains says:

    LET’s GO BUFFALO!!!!!

  • Randy nester says:

    Im a huge Bills fan. I see them making it to the superbowl this year. They have been playing some good football.
    I love ice cream. Big time chocolate fan. I will look for it in the stores.

  • Joe Castrechino says:

    Cannot wait to try the ice cream, looks awesome. Also trying to get to a bills home game this year but its hard because im in school a few hours away. Go Bills!! I BILLIEVE, do you?

  • John R Maracle says:

    How ’bout them Bills!!!!

  • Jillian Tauffener says:

    I’m from Buffalo, but currently live in Louisville, KY, so the ice cream is not available here 🙁

    If there’s anyway I can participate in the contest, please let me know! I’d love to meet with the team and eat ice cream!

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Jillian, have somebody from the area take a photo for you and as them where the photo is from, and enter. – Elena

  • Tammi Jo Habermehl says:

    I always wondered what the depths of the stadium looked like!

  • Drew Seeley says:

    My Husband has been a DIE HARD Bills fan since he was a kid. He would freak out if he was able to talk face to face to his favorite team of all time.

  • Tammi Jo Habermehl says:

    How cool would this be! Ice Cream Cool!!!! 🙂

  • Justin says:

    this sweepstakes is not very fair to those of us who don’t live in the upstate area and are die hard bills fans. oh well. Go Bills!

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Justin all new Wegmans stores carry Perry’s, you can also let us know your town and zip code and we will check through our distributors network if there is Perry’s near you. You might just have it near by. – Elena

  • Amy says:

    What a great day to spend with family eating ice cream and watching the game. Go Bills

  • Karen Fallone says:

    Now I live in Gilbert,AZ-I miss the Bills but belong to AZ Bills Backers and watch the game at Ryan Fitzpatrick’s hometown.Would LOVE TO win! I Am a proud Bills Fan!

  • Timothy Truesdale says:

    OK, you loast 2, lets win the rest

  • Rita Iannarelli says:


  • Timothy Truesdale says:

    Never had Perry’s befor. would like to try it

  • marc schechter says:

    Go Bills!

  • Michael Stetzenmeyer says:

    Have been a bills fan for 20 yearss!

  • danielle cirrincione says:

    please let me win

  • Tracey Ames says:

    I would love to meet #22 Speedy Jackson as I call him!!!

  • crystal m gardner says:

    Ice cream and bills… there’s nothing better!

  • Frederick Holbrook says:

    I have enjoyed your “Bills” icecream every fall. I like the new updated packaging more than previous years.I’m sure the inside is just as delicious as ever.

  • Candi Szostak says:

    I live in Indiana but we always come home for the “BILLS” ice cream will make the drive go faster!

  • ED TAYLOR says:

    what’s better than a bowl of ice cream and watching the bills win?

  • Tabitha J Casamento says:

    Father, Husband, Son! Die hard Bills fans!! Need I say more…

  • Fran Baumler says:

    I love Ice Cream and the Bills

  • Kerrin Ehrensbeck says:

    I love ice cream almost as much as I love the Bills!!

  • Karen Kittner says:

    I can’t wait to try this ice cream. GO BILLS!!!!!

  • russ says:

    Love the bills and love me some ice cream!

  • Ryan Griffiths says:

    Go bills!

  • katie hamm says:

    I love the Bills. I love ice cream. I would love to eat ice cream with the Bills.

  • Jim Wansart says:

    Perry’s is #1 in my book!!

  • Samantha v says:

    Wish I had
    Known about this sooner!

  • Rich agnello says:


  • Michael Smith says:

    Please oh please!

  • Katherine Salisbury says:

    Cant wait to buy the new Ice Cream container…Bought it last year LOVED IT…Now Im going to have 2 boxes…Totally different too…CANT WAIT…

  • Janice Thomas says:

    Brownie Blitz sounds awesome great for the buffalo area and great incentive for the bills. Go Buffalo !!!

  • Ryan McClung says:

    MMmmmmmmmm Ice cream :))

  • Deborah says:

    A scoop of pumpkin with a scoop of Buffalo Bills brownie blitz is an awesome combination!!!!!With a drizzle of hot carmel, Im just in heaven!

  • scott kime says:

    I can’t wait to try the bills blitz

  • jason hernandez says:

    two of my favorite things,my bills and ice cream,it doesn’t get any better than that!!!!!!

  • Joe Lascik says:

    can’t wait to try the Bills Blitz ice cream. Go Bills!

  • charles sanders sr. says:

    Go Bills

  • Katie Krajnik says:


  • Nicole Miller says:

    Love the Bills!!!!

  • Kelly Mammon says:

    I wish there was a sweepstakes like this that us folks out of state but still huge fans of Buffalo to participate in 🙁 I would gladly drive, train, fly to Buffalo to have a tour of the stadium.

  • Ken Beglinger says:

    Perry’s – a Buffalo tasty original

  • Ken Beglinger says:

    Perry’s,the Bills and WNY’s favorite ice cream.

  • Chris Ristine says:

    Bills fan since ’74, way out here in Tumwater, WA. Go BILLS!

    Do you ship to the west coast?

  • LSM says:

    I am from East Aurora, now in Florida and still a die hard Bills/Sabres fan. How do we get Perry’s Ice Cream here in 33401?

  • David Palmeri says:

    Had a stomach ailment which lead me to believe that I was lactose intolerant. THank God that wasn’t the case otherwise i’d miss out on another awesome flavor

  • Donna says:

    OK Bills your working hard as a team and Its a first in a long time,just keep doing your best and know your have long time fans,praying for you….

  • Donna says:

    Hay I live in St Augustine Florida and I can’t find it…Go Bills

  • Mark Feibusch says:

    Go Go Buffalo.

  • Jerry Papaj says:

    Sounds AWESOME

  • jason springer says:

    Tried a couple Buffalo Bills ice creams and by far Brownie blitz will be the best!

  • Jonathan says:

    The Challenge: Eat one spoonful of ice cream for every point the Bills score….you will be done with the one container before the half.

  • Lori Pritchett says:

    I must win!!!!!!!!!

  • Floyd Johnson says:

    My wife and I both love Perry’s Ice Cream and the. Buffalo Bills. It would be awesome to win!!!

  • Chris Quagliata says:

    At what stores carry Perry’s Ice Cream?

  • Kathy Bevans says:

    Perry’s ice cream is the very best.

    I miss the special flavor-Coconut that you did a few years ago.

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Kathy, just watch our site and Facebook ( closely, your favorite flavor is making a comeback.

    • Bette Nuhfer says:

      Hi Kathy..that would be “Zero Visibility” one of my all time favoites….could do a bowl right now…..glad to be a part of the Perry’s family….

  • Don Morrison says:


  • Tim Randall says:

    Hope they have the ice cream in my area!

  • Tommy Knoerl says:

    I am a dedicated fan of the Bills and that ice cream! GO BUFFALO!

  • Sheri Ellis says:

    I’m a diehard Bill’s fan, go Bills



  • Danny Koch-Thoams says:

    I love Perry’s

  • william bell says:

    I hope u go and win the super bowl

  • Joanie murray says:

    Would love to have a private tour with my daughter she has never been to the stadium and of course would love to eat all that yummy icecream

  • Eden Earley says:

    I hope they bring the ice cream to Albany,NY area. I’m so sick of just seeing NJ Giants and NJ Jets stuff around here!!!!

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Eden, there is Perry’s in Albany. Let us know your town/city name and zip code and we will send you in the right direction. In fact Niskayuna’s Shop Rite just started selling Perry’s. Let us know (by commenting here or via our Contact Us tab). – Elena

  • Taonya Lewis says:

    When I go home to Western NYmy family always has Perry’s in the freezer;)

  • kathleen johnson says:

    i love the bills win or lose im a really big fan watch every game. im a die heart fan i buy football cards of them i love the bills and my family to im so exited when they win but sad when they lose but im with them from begining to the end go bills i love ya coming to your next game.

  • Martha Beamon says:

    Go Bills!