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Halloween Candy Corn Ice Cream

Time: 20 min
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  • Scoops of Perry's Ice Cream - Vanilla
  • Food coloring (or fruit - see note below)
  • Whipped cream
  • Candy corn or Halloween sprinkles


  1. Let ice cream soften for about 20 minutes, it needs to be quite soft for adding color (or fruit)
  2. Divide Vanilla into thirds into 3 separate mixing bowls. The exact amount of ice cream depends upon the size of the clear cups or glasses that you will be using and the number of servings needed. In general, you will need a minimum of 1 1/2 cups of ice cream per person
  3. Add yellow food coloring to one bowl and stir until the desired shade of yellow is achieved. Add orange food coloring to the second bowl. Alternatively, use a combination of yellow and red to make orange. Use 2 drops of yellow for every 3 drops of red until the desired shade of orange is achieved
  4. Add a layer of yellow-colored Vanilla to the bottom of a clear plastic cup or glass.  Freeze the layer for a couple minutes (optional)
  5. Add a layer of the orange-colored Vanilla on top of the yellow layer. Freeze the layer for a couple minutes again (optional)
  6. Add a layer of non-colored Vanilla on top of the orange layer
  7. The cups can now be placed in the freezer until ready to be served.
  8. Before serving, top with whipped cream and garnish with any type of Halloween candy or sprinkles.  Enjoy!

**Instead of food coloring it is possible to use finely processed oranges, tangerines, mangoes for the yellow layer and a combination of raspberries or strawberries with yellow fruit to create orange layer. The recipe is adopted from Kristin Trapp's Hub Pages

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