March 19, 2012

Flavor Faceoff 2012: May the Yummiest Flavor Win!

Monday, April 2 UPDATE:

And the winner is … Peanut Butter Cup! That is the flavor Joe Jachlewski of Rochester, NY bet to be the ultimate finalist. The bet was the winner, and Joe will be receiving a whole year supply of Perry’s (in coupons). Congratulations, Joe!

Final brackets of the Flavor Faceoff 2012 (click on the image for larger copy):



MARCH 21 UPDATE: The Faceoff has already began, so check back daily to support your favorite flavors! Find the Flavor Faceoff 2012 the brackets and the schedule HERE.  While the opportunity to enter for a year supply of Perry’s has expired, you can still participate by voting. We quite possibly be thanking a lucky passionate supporter or two with our “token of appreciation”. May the yummiest flavor wins!

This is our first championship of flavors, and we frankly don’t know what to expect, especially from Death by Chocolate vs Chocolate Nutty Cone match 🙂

Only 2 days left enter and win BIG! On March 21, 2012 a tournament to determine the most popular Perry’s Flavor begins. Guess the finalist and you could end up with a YEAR SUPPLY of Perry’s! Here is what to do:

  1. Grab a copy of the brackets.
  2. Guess your finalist and enter to win a YEAR SUPPLY of Perry’s. You’ll need to enter before Wednesday, March 21!
  3. Starting Wednesday, March 21 – vote for your “team” to help it win the round. Asking your friends to help isn’t considered cheating.

Good Luck!


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