The Good Stuff Sustains Perry’s

From cow to cone, a lot of “good stuff” has to happen at Perry’s to serve people great ice cream.  “The good stuff” is what has and will sustain Perry’s Ice Cream.

To get the inside scoop about “the good stuff” sustaining Perry’s Ice cream, view the 2018 Sustainability Report.


Our journey to a more sustainable future is focused around 4 key sustainable challenges identified for their potential impact across all aspects of sustainability: people, planet and performance. By proactively managing our waste, acting responsibly with our natural resources and engaging our team members in sustainable thinking and actions, we will continue to thrive.

1. Culture & Partnerships

Long Term Goal: To be known as an employer of choice and responsible corporate citizen

Our Team:  At Perry’s, people are our most valuable resource.  We are committed to developing and maintaining our team members’ expertise.  We strive to promote a culture of innovation and creativity with a “Why Not?” approach to challenges.

Our Community:  Perry’s and our team members actively participate in fundraising and volunteer opportunities to benefit others.

Our Safety: Perry’s fosters an environment of safety awareness and responsibility, where we expect team members to be proactive in their safety and wellbeing.

Join our team: We think sustainability applies to our team members, and we are dedicated to creating a work environment that sustains their growth and well-being.  Interested in joining the Perry’s team?  Visit our Career Center for current openings.

2. Environment

Long Term Goal: To be recognized as a “zero landfill” operation and maximize the value of our resources through improved efficiencies, productivity and utilization of technology

Waste Streams: At Perry’s, managing our various waste streams encompasses the entire organization. In order to reduce our impact on landfills, we strive to reduce materials entering our facility, repurpose byproducts and dairy waste, and recycle.

Water: Perry’s primary use of water is in our manufacturing clean up and sanitation processes. We continually strive to reduce the water used to produce a gallon of ice cream.

Electricity: As with water, Perry’s strives to reduce our kWt per gallon of ice cream produced year over year.  Currently 65% of our electricity comes from a renewable source.

Fuel:  Perry’s Transportation and Direct Store Delivery (DSD) departments focus on reducing diesel fuel.

3. Grow & Protect

Long Term Goal: To manage growth and maintain profitability for reinvestment

4. Process & System Improvements

Long Term Goal: To continuously improve our processes to eliminate waste and increase operational effectiveness

Manufacturing Improvements: Perry’s manufacturing team is always looking for continuous improvement opportunities to decrease waste, increase OEE performance and improve the work environment.

Process Improvements: There are many processes at Perry’s that support the manufacturing and delivery of ice cream. Continually challenging the efficiencies of our procedures with the goal of eliminating wasted time and materials is key to achieving world class performance.

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