March 17, 2015

Escape with Caribbean Coconut

It’s Colleen again. Today I tried Caribbean Coconut and this is the journey it took me on.  

I scoop some Caribbean Coconut into my bowl. The white ice cream and turquoise carton invite me to escape to the Caribbean…

From my spot on the white sand beach, I can see the turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea softly rolling in. My hammock, strung between two palm trees, gently sways in the breeze. The sun is high in the sky and blanketing everything in its warmth.

A mouthful of coconut rum ice cream sends my taste buds to paradise.

I reach down and grab my drink out of the sand. It’s made with coconut rum and served in a real coconut, adorned with a pink umbrella. I take a long sip and close my eyes to savor the soothing beverage while inhaling the warm scent of fresh sea air.

My next spoonful is sprinkled with coconut shreds.

The whitecaps of the waves make the water look so refreshing. Without hesitation, I run down the beach and splash right in. I slowly swirl in the sea to take in the tropical beauty surrounding me. This is the picture perfect vacation I have always dreamed of.

I’ve been staring at the carton for so long, my bowl is now empty. I could put it back in the freezer, but I might as well finish off the pint!


Caribbean Coconut

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