March 16, 2015

Escape with Peanut Butter Cookie

I’m Colleen and this is the dream world I escaped to when I tried Peanut Butter Cookie for the first time. Where does it take you? 

I pull out the carton of Peanut Butter Cookie and grab a spoon. Skipping a bowl, I dig right in. With the first taste of sugar cookie ice cream, I have escaped to a simpler time with my favorite person…

My mom let me stay home from school today because I told her I wasn’t feeling well. So now I get to spend the day with my sweet, loving grandma. She’s wise enough to know that even though I say I’m “sick,” I’m healthy enough to bake (and eat!) my favorite cookies with her. I’ve tried all kinds of peanut butter cookies but none compare to the ones my grandma makes. My mom even swears that hers are the same as my grandma’s, but they never taste as good.

Soft pieces of peanut butter cookie dough are mixed in with my next mouthful.

My grandma lays out all of the ingredients we need; they’re engrained into her head after all of these years. She shapes the dough into balls. As I roll them in sugar, I sneak a couple pinches of cookie dough into my mouth. I’m sure my grandma notices but she doesn’t say anything.

I’m beyond excited when my spoon cuts into the swirl of peanut butter.

The tantalizing aroma of peanut butter fills the kitchen as the cookies bake. The moment the cookies are pulled from the oven, my eyes lock on the tray. After a few minutes my grandma can tell my patience is very thin so she lets me sample one. I practically claw my way to the counter and slowly break a soft, warm cookie. The taste of peanut butter melts in my mouth. Now that I’ve started eating, I just can’t stop.

When my mom comes to pick me up, my grandma “forgets” to mention that she let me eat as many peanut butter cookies as I wanted. On my way out, she winks at our little secret. This is why I love her.

Living by my grandma’s rules, I allow myself to eat as much Peanut Butter Cookie as I want; even if that means the whole pint.




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