June 15, 2011

You asked for it, and we listened – FREE ice cream!

This fine, but quite ordinary day of June will go in history quite extraordinarily. We are so excited to announce today, June 15th, as the beginning of our summer-long sweepstakes, which can land you a whole year supply of Perry’s Ice Cream!
Perry's FREE Ice Cream

The only thing we ask of you is just a pledge of allegiance, sort of a manifestation of your love to ice cream, and – you are in!

Next time you find yourself holding a cone, a spoonful or a bar of Perry’s Ice Cream – just pull out your phone and snap a photo of you and your ice cream. The only thing left to do is to post the photo to our Facebook contests tab – and you are in!! You will find complete details for the sweepstakes on the tab.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Enter early – we will pull a pic or two each week to send you coupons even before the big drawing.
  2. Enter each month – the drawing pool will be wiped clean every month, so you will have a brand new chance(s) to win.
  3. If you didn’t win – hey, at least you had an extra very legitimate reason to go for ice cream (if you ever needed one).
  4. Go for triple fun – great day trip, ice cream and a chance to win a whole year supply of it – Darien Lake, Buffalo Zoo, Strong National Museum of Play, Martin’s Fantacy Island and Buffalo Bills (pre-season games) all carry Perry’s Ice Cream.
  5. It is summer – ice cream tastes extra special, doesn’t it?

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