July 20, 2011

Put your favorite ice cream on the map!

Have you ever argued over which ice cream sundae is the best when the only acceptable way to settle would be bringing in Food Wars?

Well, there is now a way to show them ALL and let the WORLD see which is exactly the best ice cream concoction in town without a risk of loosing a limb in the argument. As a part of National Ice Cream Month Real Simple magazine has extended an open call for everybody to join the virtual Ice Cream Social on Foodspotting

The idea is real simple (obviously :)):

  1. you go to your favorite ice cream place
  2. get your favorite sundae
  3. snap a photo and upload to Real Simple Foodspotting – which literally puts it on a map for everybody to see, discover and vote thumbs up if they agree with your pick.
  4. you already have the photo handy – upload it to Perry’s Picture Perfect Summer Sweepstakes  for a chance to win a year supply of ice cream (in coupons).

So let’s join this Ice Cream Social, Perry’s People! Let’s put Perry’s Ice Cream on the map!

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