Ice Cream for Our Out-of-Area Fans

December 18, 2013

So many Western New Yorkers miss their local favorites when they move out of state. Sometimes it comes as a surprise that Perry’s Ice Cream isn’t available nationwide and it is usually one of the quintessential WNY staples that are dearly missed. Through our Social Media channels we receive outcries for Perry’s Ice Cream from the Carolinas, Virginia, Florida, Maryland, and Maine almost daily. Although we can’t satisfy these requests completely and Perry’s Ice Cream isn’t available for online ordering at this time, there are a few facts that our out-of-area fans should find helpful.

  1. Wegmans stores almost always carry Perry’s Ice Cream, including the new, recently opened stores in Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia. If you live in one of these states, locate the nearest Wegmans store by visiting
  2. If you live in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana or Mississippi and have a Winn-Dixie store in the neighborhood, you would be glad to learn that Winn-Dixie’s line of premium ice cream, Prestige, is crafted right here at Perry’s Ice Cream, in Akron, NY. Although the recipe for each flavor is unique to Prestige, they are all made with the same high standard for quality and taste as you would expect from Perry’s Ice Cream. So, next time while passing through your local Winn-Dixie’s ice cream aisle, give Prestige ice cream a try! Winn-Dixie Prestige Strawberry Cheesecake
  3. Come visit home often! Each spring and many times in the fall we introduce new flavors for the consumers to try. Along with offering all-time favorites, Perry’s Ice Cream is always ready to surprise with new, tasty flavors. We keep our consumers in the loop on the new flavors via our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, newsletter (subscribe via – you name it! Connect with us in your preferred way and you will always be in the know about our newest additions.

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  • Dave Swiderski says:


    While as an employee with the company, I brought up the subject of online sales with the former head of marketing – Mike Brown. This is a huge opportunity that Perry’s is missing out on. I suggest that the employees who are attending the Short Course at Penn State University next month reach out and see Brenda or Sue at the Creamery and have them show them how Penn State does their online sales. In short, they pack the ice cream in dry ice in a styrofoam container and offer overnight or two-day shipping through FEDEX. People are willing to pay a premium to have the ice cream shipped. This isn’t hard to do and something Perry’s can easily do also just by seeing how PSU does it.

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:


      Thank you for your suggestion. We have considered a few different options before. We will pass the information along to our team.


  • Loretta Texter says:

    Is it possible to have 4 gallons of Raspberry swirl fat free/sugar free ice cream shipped to Jacksonville Fl. Its my daughters baby shower and she has been eating it like crazy and we do not have it here. I’m not sure where she purchases hers. But if it’s possible to ship please let me know. Thank you Loretta Texter

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Loretta, thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately at this time we do not have the capabilities to ship our ice cream. We’re sorry for any disappointment! Best of luck with the baby shower!

  • The Millers says:

    We are snowbirds who miss their Prestige ice cream & are having withdrawal pains that are unable to be satisfied with local brands in Illinois.Help!!! Make it available for online shipping!