January 14, 2014

Know Your Perry’s Colors

Perry’s Ice Cream offers a variety of products and flavors to satisfy every craving!  We know that the wide variety may be a bit overwhelming, so here at Perry’s we tried to make your search a little simpler by color coding each package.  Whether you’re looking for our Premium Panda Paws or Perfectly Churned Light Piece Of Cake, knowing your Perry’s colors will help finding the product that much easier!

A Simple Guide to Packaging White

Perry’s signature Premium ice cream is in a black package.  Extra details are sometimes added to the black background for seasonal and special offerings (like confetti for the Birthday Bash).  Fun fact: Perry’s Ice Cream was the first to use a black carton in the ice cream category!

Perry's Ice Cream Simple Guide to Packaging - Premium

One of the exceptions is our specialty flavor with the Buffalo Sabres, Top Shelf Sundae.  It has a blue background, but still keeps the black rim to help identify this Premium flavor.


Perry's Ice Cream Simple Guide to Packaging (3)

All Natural Premium has a light brown textured background.


Perfectly Churned Light is designed with a gold background and a churned swirl.  The scroll on the package shows the percentage of less fat and fewer calories the flavor has compared to regular ice cream.

Perry's Ice Cream Simple Guide to Packaging - Perfectly Churned, Light

Frozen Yogurt has a deep magenta package.  It also displays a scroll that helps list all the vitamins in the product!

Perry's Ice Cream Simple Guide to Packaging - Frozen Yogurt

Light, No Sugar Added is has a royal blue background.  Like the Frozen Yogurt, the scroll points out the vitamins, sugar and fat content in the product.

Perry's Ice Cream Simple Guide to Packaging - Light, No Sugar Added

Sherbet is packaged in white with light blue accents.

Perry's Ice Cream Simple Guide to Packaging - Sherbet

Now that you know your Perry’s colors, hopefully finding your favorite Perry’s product will be an easy check off your grocery list!

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