May 9, 2012

If not for a Mother, there wouldn’t be Perry’s Ice Cream!

It all began from H. Morton Perry’s mother’s ice cream recipe, cooked on the kitchen stove. If not for this recipe, there wouldn’t be Perry’s Ice Cream. One more special reason we are thankful to our Mothers this Sunday!

Continuing with the same passion we have crafted our new All Natural Chocolate Chip, Maple Walnut, Vanilla Bean, and Chocolate Premium Ice Cream. All 4 flavors are waiting on the shelves of your local grocery ice cream aisle to be picked up for this Mother’s Day’s festivities.

***Local paper will have a special coupon offer this Sunday to try the new All Natural flavors – look for it!

And, until Sunday, end of day ENTER to WIN some new All Natural Perry’s!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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