New 2012 Ice Cream Stand Flavors

April 2, 2012

Winter may still threaten with snow and frost a couple more times, but we know – the Spring is here to stay! Another sign of the turning seasons – our new 2012 flavors are here!

1st flavor: Carrot Cake – A favorite summer picnic dessert… now in a bowl! Enjoy carrot cake ice cream with cream cheese frosting and walnuts!

2nd flavor: PB S’mores – A campfire staple… with a peanut buttery twist! Enjoy toasted marshmallow ice cream with graham cracker, peanut butter swirls and fudge chips.

3rd flavor: Caribbean Coconut – One bite and you are in a hammock, under the palm tree on a turquoise ocean beach shore. Savor this delicious blend of coconut rum ice cream with shredded coconut pieces.

4th flavor: Root Beer Float – Who says you need root beer AND vanilla ice cream to make a root beer float?! Our float comes with vanilla ice cream and root beer candy pieces mixed together with root beer swirls.

5th flavor: Panda Paws Extreme (Light, NSA) – A fun twist on traditional Panda Paws™, with peanut butter and milk chocolate swirls and peanut butter cups.

Use our FLAVOR FINDER to see the nearest ice cream stand to sell the new flavors! Set your Product Size to “Ice Cream Stands”.

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  • Katie Nelson says:

    can’t wait to see what the other 3 flavors are –

  • Cheryl Boyer says:

    Can’t wait to try carrot cake.Perry’s is on sale this week at Top’s so I plan on buying two containers. Woo Hoo

  • Jennifer Crego says:

    Muddy Paws! (a variation of panda paws, but can be cuter play on words)

    chocolate ice cream, ganache-y/fudgey swirls, soft truffle pieces, box feature a chocolate lab puppy with muddy paws. 🙂

    Inspired by my chocolate lab puppy, Sammy.

  • Mary Pat Lemieszek says:

    I simply love Chocolate Panda Paws and Bananna Cream Pie-both flavors wonderful. I also find your company to be very helpful. Since I moved to the Capital Region it is hard to find my favorite flavors and they are helpful in helping me find where I can buy them. Thank you always.

  • peter conklin says:

    italian ice ? for my stand ice cream island in dansville marrano my guy havent heard are you offering?

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      I think we can help you with that. You should still send your request through your sales rep, it would be the most efficient way. However, do let us know if you don’t get an answer. – Elena

  • Michael Iodice says:

    What ever happened to Thousand Island ice cream? My family loved it.

  • Terri Kwiatkowski says:

    I was curious to know if you will ever have coconut rum icecream in stores other than when Zero Visibility is available. Coconut icecream is hard to find in stores. It is my favorite.

  • Fay Fisher says:

    Hi, Every year my daughter and I go to Cancun. We have coconut ice cream everyday. It isn’t rum flavored juust plain coconut. It is found in the big cardboard containers along with other flavors. Just wonder if Perry’s make coconut flavored minus the rum flavoring. To me that wold over power the taste. I search each and every store I go to.Going to try Toronto when I go visit my niece next week. If it’s not here in the states maybe I can find it there. Thanks and could you please let me know.

  • mike white says:

    just had root beer float at the charcoal coral drive in in perry ny… the best ice cream flavor EVER!!!

  • Jessica colarusso says:

    PLEASE start carrying fireball and carrotcake in stores! my family loves those and so we rarely buy Perry’s in the store because they never have the flavors we like. we have to wait until summer…

  • Connie willmot says:

    cannot stay on flavors page -if I try to scroll up I lose the list, so please tell me calories per ounce or half cup in toasted cocoanut ice cream…thanks –Please make your site more user friendly, thanks for that also. Perry’s is by far the best on the market, bar none, but a good selection of low fat or no fat is hard to find…not interested in sugar substitutes!!!!

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Connie, sorry you have a hard time with the site. We will definitely pass your comments to our web team. Can you please specify which web browser and what version of it are you using?
      As far as calories in Caribbean Coconut – there are 140 in 1/2 cup. Hope this helps. We will also let you know when we have other options for low fat or no fat selections. – Elena

  • Bob says:

    Just happened to try the carrot cake, without realizing it was a new flavor….WOW! Fantastic!
    Perry’s: My taste buds are eternally grateful, my wasteline, not as grateful! Question: How is the new Caribbean Coconut different from Zero Visibility?

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Bob, we are delighted you liked Carrot Cake! Caribbean Coconut is quite close to Zero Visibility, so if you liked ZV, you’d probably enjoy Caribbean Coconut. – Elena

  • Joshua Sigouin says:

    Carrot Cake is awesome, I tried it at Lugia’s Their Kiddie is 2 scoops, and the large is 5! WOW!

  • Anne DeMarte says:

    I miss Midnight Orange – delicious!

  • Bill Bader says:

    I stocked up on Zero Visibility – Blizzard of 77 ice cream, but now am running out. I’m crazy over it. Will you bring it back or is Caribbean Coconut the same thing? Please say yes.

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Bill, Zero Visibility is not coming back for 5 years, however, Caribbean Coconut is similar – we bet you’ll enjoy it! – Elena

  • cassie says:

    Cookie Monster- vanilla ice cream with baked chocolate chip cookie pieces, chunky chocolate chips, and thick, rich fudge swirls:)

  • Mary Monte says:

    Do you have a location in southern NJ?

  • Sharon W. says:

    Need more coupons available for your Ice Cream. Very hard to find in Buffalo ny area!

  • Susan says:

    How about Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Grape jam swirled throughout?
    OR vanilla ice cream with peanut butter chunks and grape jam swirled throughout?