And the New 2013 Flavors Are…

April 8, 2013

It’s Time to Drop by Your Local Ice Cream Stand… Perry’s new 2013 flavors have arrived!!!

Lactose Free Vanilla: we bet if you let your friends and family try this vanilla without telling them it is lactose free, they wouldn’t be able to guess! It was a favorite of many Perry’s team members at our annual company meeting, and you simply have to try it! It makes sense for us to be so confident you’ll like it, since the only difference between our regular premium vanilla and our premium lactose free vanilla is the absence of lactose.

Needless to say, this flavor is BIG NEWS for those who are lactose intolerant – trips to an ice cream stand are equal opportunity for all from now on!


Sponge Candy: caramel sugar flavored ice cream with caramelized sugar swirls and sponge candy pieces.

Ice cream stands that  have already opened for the season, like Green Acres Ice Cream2 Scoops Ice CreamFrosty’s Ice Cream couldn’t keep this Buffalo-inspired flavor in stock and have to asked for urgent additional delivery. Need we say more?

Movie Time: Popcorn flavored ice cream with sea salt caramel swirls and caramel truffles.  Try it and you’ll see why this flavor was named 2013’s “Most Innovative” by the International Dairy Foods Association (aka the trusted authority on all things ice cream).

Fair warning: make sure you have time to see a movie after you try this flavor. We don’t think you’ll be able to fight the temptation!

Oh My, Cherry Pie! Vanilla ice cream with cherry and graham cracker swirls.

What can be better than a homemade cherry pie? Our answer is: cherry pie ala mode, served chilled, in an ice cream cone.

Queen Of Hearts: Dark chocolate ice cream with raspberry swirls and fudge filled hearts.

An ultimate indulgence! Let’s just say we are quite confident that dark chocolate lovers will really enjoy this flavor.

You will be able to find all of these new flavors at ice cream stands that have already opened for the season.  An easy way to find any flavor nearby is by using our flavor finder tool: Let us know how you like the new flavors by commenting on this post, on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. (#PerrysNewFlavors2013).

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  • Paul Williams says:

    MMMmmmmmm Can’t wait to try them all!

  • Jill Rappold says:

    I have already tried Sponge Candy, Movie Time and Queen of Hearts…so far my favorite is Movie Time (which I thought I would hate!…but it is SO ADDICTING!) My Cherry Pie will be my next taste at Green Acres Ice Cream!

  • Joe Stephens says:

    looking forward to trying all new flavores. We love Perrys ice cream.Its our only choice. Thanks for being such a great local company.

  • Jennifer Bowles says:

    Movie time ice cream is AMAZING. The flavor is just so good, I crave it constantly! Yummy yum yum!

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  • mary-Jane Sanders says:

    Just tried your new Queen of Hearts. Excellent!! I would like a guide for all your flavors so I don’t have to ask while holding up the line.
    Thank you.

  • Cindy Berry says:

    I have had the Sponge Candy flavor , and all I can tell you is that everyday I think about the next time I can get some. I also wonder if it will be available in the grocery store anytime soon? Thank You for an outstanding product….

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Cindy, thank you very much for your kind words! So far Sponge Candy is only available at stands, but we will pass you word to our team! – Elena

  • Jean says:

    Please keep the flavour “Queen of Hears” available all year round! It is your best yet! We all were wondering if you are going to sell it to the public in grocery stores in the future by the carton? PLEASE DO!!! It really is the best ice cream flavour to date. Thanks

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Thank you for your kind words and for reaching out – we will pass your request to our team! – Elena

  • Donna Butler says:

    Love the new movie time ice cream hope its not limited

  • Amy Jackson says:

    We love Perry’s Ice Cream. Can’t wait to try the new summer stand flavors!

  • Doug Dickinson says:

    Where can I get your Fireball ice
    cream. It is delicious!

  • Nancy Voss says:

    Hi I was wondering if the Sponge candy ice cream. Is sold only at stands. Cant find it any place. I love ice cream. Cant wait to try it. thanks

  • Edie Racz says:

    I recently went to my local ice cream stand and tried the Movie Time flavor and FELL IN LOVE!!! Absolutely delicious! Can’t wait to have it again! Thank you for your amazing creation! 🙂

  • JASSY says:

    By any chance, did you have a limited edition Hot Wing flavor? 🙂

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Jassy, Chicken Wing flavor was our April Fool’s joke. 🙂 Chicken Wing flavor doesn’t really work for ice cream. – Elena

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  • Joyce says:

    I live in Lockport, and want to find Queen of Hearts Ice Cream, and sponge candy Ice Cream, where can i buy these two types of Ice Cream? Thank you

  • Barbara O'Brien says:

    We had the Kahlua almond ice cream at a stand here near Niagara Falls. Is it available at local grocery stores?

  • Dawn says:

    When will Queen of Hearts be in stores?!!?

  • Mary Lou says:

    I liked the Queen of Hearts flavor and so did my friend.

    We are true ice cream lovers.

  • Marilyn says:

    When will butter pecan and raspberry truffle frozen yogurt return in stores?

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Marilyn, we never actually made Butter Pecan Frozen Yogurt, and instead of Raspberry Truffle Frozen Yogurt we now have a new flavor for you to try – Lemon Pom Cherry. – Elena

  • Richard G. Lyons II says:

    Awesome job with this one Perry’s!! Love it!!!

  • Sarah Baker says:

    I am wondering when Queen of Hearts will be available again! I had some earlier in the season and I can’t wait to have it again! I think this should be available all year long!! Yummmm!

  • MMW says:

    My adult niece loves your Queen of Hearts ice cream, which she can get in Erie at the Presque Isle Downs Casino. Your “flavor finder”, however says it’s not available in Erie, Pa. Why?

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Dear MMW, our flavor finder information updates each week with the new information based on orders from last week.It is possible that Presque Isle Downs Casino ordered Queen of Hearts the week before, but their information is already replaced by orders from this week. It is not a perfect system, but it is helpful! Let us know if you have any more questions. – Elena

  • Verna Cox says:

    Where is the queen of hearts ice cream r u still making it, went to two ice cream parlor s tonite and both were out of the queen of hearts very disappointed, like in north tonawanda ny, both Jamie’s ice cream and Hoover dairy were out for over a week they said!

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Verna, please use our flavor finder to locate Queen of Hearts near you: We’d still advise to call a stand before going there specifically for Queen of Hearts, even if it is appearing on the list of places to carry it, because this time of the year they might have already ran out. Let us know if you need any more help! – Elena

  • Steve Smith says:

    I love the Queen of Hearts flavor, I am sorry it was discontinued. Will you bring it back? The dark chocolate ice cream is super.

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Steve, Queen of Hearts isn’t discontinued. You local ice cream stand might be out, but we still have it for the season. Look for it at another stand, and here is the tool to help you in your search: Please, do call a stand before you go, though, since we don’t have a way of knowing if they sold through it already or not. It is a very popular flavor! Hope this helps! – Elena

  • Brian says:

    Is Sponge Candy still only available at stands? I’m going to need a 55-gallon drum of it 😉

  • Kathy Hines says:

    Where in eastern NC can I find Perry’s Ice Cream? Sponge Candy

  • Diane Hitchcock says:

    The banana cream pie is really good. But why can’ti find movie time at the grocery store? That is my favorite.

  • Jim Devany says:

    We love lemon meringue!!!!!Please keep making it.
    Perry’s is the only ice cream allowed in this house.
    Your company exemplifies W.N.Y.pride & quality.
    Desperately missing Razzamatazberry.

  • Melissa says:

    I live in Western PA where sponge candy is quite popular and made by our local candymakers. Tried this ice cream last night – AMAZING!

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Melissa! We will pass them to our team. They would be quite happy to hear! – Elena

  • Where can I purchase your chocolate chip ice cream? Seems like there is none locally. It is a good product and I would like to purchase, otherwise I am purchasing Friendly’s chocolate chip from Walmart. Please reply.

  • Leanna Armelino says:

    Is there any way to purchase a large container of Queen of Hearts? That is the 1st ice cream my son had when he came home from overseas a year ago, that has become his favorite. He went to an ice cream show in Marcellus, as my husband works for a Taylor Distributor. My son is now stationed at Ft. Drum and it is not available near there.
    Thank you, Leanna

    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Thank you for reaching out to us! If you have a local ice cream stand that you regularly go to you can ask them to add a tub of Queen of Hearts to their order and pay them for the cost.

      Let us know if you have any further questions!

  • Peggy says:

    WHAT happen to your Top shelf sundae flavor? It became our favorite and now we can’t find it.

  • Tracey Lousell says:

    Please answer this question, do you guys really make “chicken wings” ice cream? There’s a huge dinner bet going on here.
    If so, where?


    • Perry's Ice Cream says:

      Thank you for reaching out to us! Our Chicken Wing flavor was actually an April Fool’s joke a few years ago! We did try to make it because of all of the requests coming in, but couldn’t get it just right.
      Hopefully the bet’s not too high 😉