January 10, 2012

Resolution-Friendly Indulgences

Welcome to 2012, friends!

Do you have your New Year’s resolutions set? If any of them include shaping up, we know you might be going at it with radical measures by cutting out all indulgences, including ice cream.

Sometimes we don’t realize right away that our New Year resolutions leave no room for treats (…and happiness), so it is very challenging to keep them. Our message for our whole ice cream loving community is – no need for icecreamless existence  – we all know that almost everything is good for you in moderation. We also understand that moderation isn’t easy when you have a carton of deliciousness seating right in front of you. For that kind of circumstances may we remind, that you can start with less of the guilt category of our frozen desserts, so if going overboard was unavoidable, you know you haven’t been too indulgent.

Browse our Perfectly Churned Light, Frozen Yogurts and Novelties – (Sour Buddie Bars, Orange Buddie Bars, Fudgie Bars and Strawberry Frozen Yogurt ) are 100 calories or less. Once decided on the type of product and flavor, turn over to our Where to Buy section to locate that flavor near you.

Hope this helps keeping your New Years resolutions without cutting out the fun!

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