July 29, 2015

Summertime Desserts

Looking for something different yet delicious to serve at your summer party? Choose one of the easy and appetizing recipes we’ve added to our recipe page!

Tired of the traditional ice cream sandwich? Put a spin on it with some of these substitutions!

Banana Cream

Our Banana Cream Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches combine two favorites into one! Add a layer of Banana Cream Pie ice cream in between two white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies for one truly decadent dessert.

TIMG_7720hese Toaster Pastry Ice Cream Sandwiches will have you feeling like a kid again. Sandwich your favorite ice cream between warm toaster pastries and dig in!


These recipes will be sure to impress your guests without breaking a sweat.

Ice Cream Truffles2

Ice Cream Truffles are absolutely delicious and easy to make! Simply scoop your favorite ice cream into one inch balls and roll into any topping: crushed cookies, coconut, sprinkles, etc. Don’t forget to let the ice cream freeze in between steps.


Ice Cream PieIce Cream Pie can be made to feed a small soiree or a party of one. Blend ice cream with whipped topping and set in a homemade (or pre-made) cookie crust. Once frozen, garnish with whipped topping and serve!

Pina Colada


Nothing tastes better on a hot day than a cold drink. Mix our Caribbean Coconut with rum, coconut cream and chunks of pineapple for a perfect pina colada.


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