Sundae Fun Day Sweepstakes

January 20, 2014

Update: Sundae Fun Day Winners:

Year’s Supply of Perry’s:

Kim Donner


Kristin Jakubczak

Jeannine Scavo

Jim Stelianou

Shawn Stover

Nick Rovazzini

Tina Mercado

Matt Elliott

Brittany Doerfler


Congratulations to all the winners! Please share your mailing address with us, so we can mail you your prize. Please share via a Facebook private message or by emailing [email protected] 




We are excited to announce our first ever Sweepstakes on Facebook, Instagram AND Twitter!  From January 20th to January 31st, you have the chance to win a Year’s Supply of Perry’s Ice Cream using your ice cream creativity!  All you have to do is create your own sundae.  To enter, take a photo of your masterpiece and share it with us by posting it on your Instagram, Twitter, or our Facebook page using #PerrysIceCream and #SundaeFunday hashtags in your posts.  You can enter as many sundaes as you can create – more entries will earn you more chances to win.  Detailed rules to this sweepstakes can be found via THIS LINK.


Examples of sundaes can be found on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.  A special thanks to Cream & Sugar Ice Cream Café for the sundae creations you see above!  If you’re ever in Lockport be sure to stop in for their Perry’s Ice Cream sundaes with toppings made from scratch.  They also offer artisanal coffee, soups, salads and sandwiches, all made from scratch as well!

To add the cherry on top of our Sundae Fun Day Sweepstakes, a $1 OFF coupon is available for Perry’s fans and friends – CLICK HERE to print yours!


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  • chelsey braun says:

    I’m a real huge fan of perry’s ice cream. They have the best flavors ever and they are much creamer

  • my favorite ice cream sundae is a scoop of peanut butter cup and a scoop of butter pecan, the absolute best anytime of year

  • Keep lovon that ice cream and so does my grand fav is vanills

  • I just LOVE..PERRY’S ICECREAM.Yummo!!!

  • Ann Casey says:

    I love Perry’s ice cream

  • Well a hot Carmel sundae with french vanilla ice cream and some salted pecans and dollop of whipped cream and of course topped with a cherry…wow yummy