Sustainability Efforts

1. Optimized our on-site warehousing for frozen and refrigerated storage resulting in:

  • Elimination of nearly 900 inbound/outbound loads of frozen, refrigerated and dry transfers, resulting in a reduction of 90,000 miles and over 16,000 gallons of fuel annually.
  • Elimination of on-site storage trailers resulting in a saving of 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel annually.

2. In our DSD (Direct Store Delivery) system we have raised minimum orders, rerouted our distribution system & resized our fleet toward smaller and more efficient truck sizes. As a result, we been able to reduce our mileage and diesel fuel use by 9%.

3. In our manufacturing facilities, we have upgraded our case packaging lines, which has allowed for the elimination of over 500,000 cardboard trays.

4. We recycle 100% of our cardboard shipping cases/boxes

5. We regularly recycle our dairy floor waste as to be used by area pig farmers along with the land application of post-treated dairy solids.

6. We converted our sherbet packaging platform from plastic to paper eliminating over 500,000 plastic cups & lids from the waste stream.

7. We actively participate in a national power “Shedding” program to reduce peak power demand spikes. We were recently recognized by the US Department of Energy’s “Save Energy Now” program for our plant’s exemplary participation in an Energy Savings assessment.

8. We have converted all in house copiers to default to double sided printing and continue to convert paper reports to electronic delivery