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Find Your Flavor Match!

What better way to spend your summer than by eating ice cream? We are challenging you to try something new! With over 100 flavors, Perry’s has something for everyone. This summer, explore Perry’s by trying a new flavor.  Who knows – it may be your new favorite! For your adventurous triumph we will be giving…read more

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New recipe that needs a name

Our new summer recipe needs a name. Comment below with suggestions! You need: Perry’s Pretzelicious Caramel or Butter popcorn – bought or homemade – cooled to room temperature or chilled Caramel and/or chocolate sauce Directions: Begin with popcorn and layer it on the bottom of the bowl. Scoop Pretzelicious and layer it on top of…read more

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Perry’s Ice Cream Guide to Niagara Falls

Even if you are local to WNY, we think it is worth to put your tourist cap on once-a-summer and visit the Falls. Chaperoning relatives and friends, you’ll look like a local expert pointing to Perry’s Ice Cream at Niagara Falls State Park concession stands and telling them a bit of our story. Leading your group to…read more

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