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3 Ways to Add a Little Twist to Your Thanksgiving Dessert

It goes without saying – pie will be served with ice cream this Thanksgiving at each of our Team Member’s tables. However, many of us will not have just plain old (and yes, very good)  Pumpkin Pie and Vanilla. Here are three tips from our team on how to add a little twist to the…read more

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Chilling Halloween Desserts

As far as Halloween desserts go we have 2 requirements: 1) creative/fun, 2) easy to make. With these two criteria in mind we have selected 4 recipes to try. You’ll find the links to the recipes and a better look at each one via our Facebook album. Of course, there is another option that requires…read more

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Labor Day Desserts Ideas

Labor Day picnic is still a summer celebration! We have selected a few recipe ideas for dessert. Our goal was to make your guests ooh! and ahh! and yet you’ve spent just minutes putting those together! PB and J Pops Strawberry Pink Split Affogato (in Italian this word means “drowned” – ice cream drowned in coffee…read more

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4th of July Ice Cream Dessert Ideas

So, the ultimate family picnic of the year is almost here. Have you thought of the menu yet? Whether it is going to be carefully planned festivities or a last minute throw-it-all-together kind of a gathering, we are sure it will be fabulous! While we can’t completely take away your pre-holiday picnic hustle, your Chief Summer Officers prepared some…read more

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