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Know Your Perry’s Colors

Perry’s Ice Cream offers a variety of products and flavors to satisfy every craving!  We know that the wide variety may be a bit overwhelming, so here at Perry’s we tried to make your search a little simpler by color coding each package.  Whether you’re looking for our Premium Panda Paws or Perfectly Churned Light…read more

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Chilling Halloween Desserts

As far as Halloween desserts go we have 2 requirements: 1) creative/fun, 2) easy to make. With these two criteria in mind we have selected 4 recipes to try. You’ll find the links to the recipes and a better look at each one via our Facebook album. Of course, there is another option that requires…read more

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Put your favorite ice cream on the map!

Have you ever argued over which ice cream sundae is the best when the only acceptable way to settle would be bringing in Food Wars? Well, there is now a way to show them ALL and let the WORLD see which is exactly the best ice cream concoction in town without a risk of loosing a…read more

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