February 17, 2014

Updated Flavor Finder

Our Flavor Finder is now more intuitive to use! “Where to buy” is one of our top inquiries we receive from consumers, so we have updated the previous cumbersome version to make it more user-friendly! It now features distributor areas, which were not previously included, as well as an ingredient search. Before, consumers needed to know the name of the flavor in order to use our Flavor Finder, now you are able easily search by ingredient if unsure of what the flavor is.


Where to buy

The Flavor Finder will allow you to search to find where your favorite Perry’s flavor is available near you!

It will guide you to pick out the

  • Flavor (vanilla)
  • Product type (premium ice cream)
  • Product size and availability (in stores 1.5 qt or at stands)

If the searched zip code is outside of our immediate distribution area, but within our distributor’s territory, the flavor finder will pass along the contact information to you.

Additionally, now you can explore our products by ingredient!


For example, by typing in “walnuts” you will receive a list of flavors that contain walnuts. Or, if you type in the word “gluten”, you will receive the list of flavors that are gluten free.

WalnutsTry out our Flavor Finder to locate the Perry’s you’ve been craving!

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