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Welcome to our new house!

June 16, 2011

Welcome to our new house! We are so excited to finally greet you here.
Although it is quite a new place for us, we have done a lot of unpacking and things should be just where they belong.

  • Check our Products section  – we hope you’ll find it easier to get around there.
  • Our blog is a part of News & Views area – check back here often for our latest updates, photos, videos!

We did try to make sure all the “doors” open, things are in order in all the “rooms”, but if you see something isn’t working or not where it belongs – let us know – drop us a line via Contact Us section or just comment below!

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  • Irene Hart says:

    Last year while in Buffalo, I fell in love with your Tropical Neopolitan Ice Cream. Do you ever send, sat 5 or 6 cartons packed in dry ice to Florida? I would be VERY interested in purchasing a quantity from time to time.

    Thank you

    • perrys_admin says:

      Irene, thank you very much for your kind words. At this time we don’t offer shipping, but if this option becomes available we will let everybody know right away! – Elena