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September 23, 2020

Why You’ll Be Celebrating Friendsgiving This Year

Here at Perry’s Ice Cream, we consider ourselves to be seasonal ice cream experts, combining flavors that pair perfectly for the moment, note: Perry’s White Christmas ice cream has been a holiday table favorite since the 1980’s.   

In a year like no other, this holiday season is the time to start new traditions (and perhaps let go of serving your great-aunt’s green bean casserole). One catch: you’re still required to bring something. No worries! We’ve got dessert covered for you.    

So, let’s say hello to our new limited-edition flavor, Friendsgiving, the only “Friends-Zone” you’ll actually want to be part of.  

Friendsgiving Perry's Ice Cream
Perry’s Friendsgiving Ice Cream

What is Friendsgiving? Never heard of it.  

Friendsgiving, a mash-up of “friends” and “Thanksgiving” is about gathering your best buds (you know the ones who kindly dropped of a bottle of wine at your door during quarantine) to enjoy a meal together.   

Together may mean “together-apart” via virtual call or smaller gatherings these days so Perry’s has made it easy to grab a moment and celebrate our chosen families (eating ice cream, of course)! We even ship our ice cream across the continental U.S. to make your virtual Friendsgiving simple and stress-free.  

Let’s get to the Good Stuff 

Friendsgiving’s flavor is inspired by thumbprint cookies, a celebration of the treats that bring us comfort! Almond ice cream with blackberry swirls and sugar cookie dough pieces (YUM!).  Using our slow cooked batch process, Friendsgiving is full of Perry’s “Good Stuff”, serving up indulgence like no one else can.

Did we leave you hungry for more? 

The flavor is rolling into retail locations and available for online shipping for a limited time. Click here to find a location near you or shop now!  

Interested in the urban folk-lore of Friendsgiving? Real Simple breaks down all the details and the dotted line to a favorite iconic TV show from the ‘90s.  

Happy Friendsgiving! Go, grab a moment together.

Also, don’t forget about our other fall favorite, Pumpkin Pie to complement your celebration! 

Contributor: Marissa Wilson 

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