Zero Visibility | Remembering the Blizzard of ’77

January 23, 2012

This week marks 35th anniversary of the Blizzard of ’77. Every 5th anniversary of the blizzard we make Zero Visibility, a special flavor in honor of our hometown history. Have you tried it? If not, now would be a good time to do that, or you’ll have to wait another 5 years. Zero Visibility is coconut ice cream with a touch of rum – to “warm” your bones.

Zero Visibility Then & Now

This anniversary we asked our team members to share their memories of the Blizzard and of the week that followed. This is their story:

This is our Blizzard story. What is yours? Share with is by commenting here, or on our Facebook & Twitter, and enter to win some Perry’s via THIS LINK. (*The link will not work via mobile browser).

Stay tuned to our blog, YouTube channel, Facebook or Twitter – later this week you will also learn how the mayor of Buffalo participated in development of Zero Visibility and will be able to flip through photos from the week of the blizzard.

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  • Gretchen Reszka says:

    It was my day off and took the bus downtown from Kenmore – it was sunny when I left but after shopping for about 1/2 hour looked outside and could see nothing but white. Decided to give up shopping and return home, it took 4 buses and 5 hours to get home to Kenmore, but felt so lucky not to be stranded!

  • Darryl says:

    I was just six years old during the blizzard 35 years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in kindergarten and there were two sessions back then, the morning and the afternoon. Being in the morning group we were at school but one the blizzard hit we got stuck at the school. Some children were able to leave by the buses that were able to make it out or their parents who braved the weather but others got stuck at the school. I was one of the unfortunate ones. I remember we passed the time that afternoon and evening playing games in the gym with the other children up to grade 6 who were stuck as well or in the library. The hallways were made into mass sleeping areas for all the children with their blankets and cots that the school provided everyone. We also had a meal provided to us in the evening. Everyone was glad to leave the next day once the roads were finally cleared allowing us all to go home to our families. It was quite the experience at such a young age!

  • Randall Stewart says:

    I remember when the storm hit. It was a still and calm winter day; then all of a sudden you could hear the wind off in the distance; the wind sounded like an approaching freight train as it blew harder and the storm hit.

  • Jody Postlewait says:

    Best Ice cream ever.Was caught in the blizzard returning from Hawaii.Was trying to get from Buffalo to Port Allegany,Pa. Not a nice memory,but this ice cream is wonderful.

  • Mary Ballou says:

    I came to western NY last year from the panhandle of Texas (gotta be near the grandkids, you know?) When I came here I would swear Blue Bell Ice Cream was the best…and then I got hit with your blizzard ice cream. I’m lucky! The only memory I have of the blizzard of ’77 is how your wonderful ice cream tastes 35 years later!

  • Alton Owens says:

    Zero vis.our new favorite
    Please reconsider this 5 year plan.

  • joanne sanna says:

    we love zero visibility. please make it more often

  • Cathy Senecal-Rice says:

    I was stuck at work all night in my office with coworkers. We slept on couches (tried to), chairs or wherever and ate dinner in the cafeteria. At first morning light, my coworkers’ husband picked her up in his truck and gave me a ride home. It took twice as long to get home as normal.