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12 Days of Perry’s!

December 8th, 2014



Our 12 Days of Perry’s begins December 10th! We will be giving away 12 Perry’s prizes as well as a YEAR’S SUPPLY of Perry’s.  Yup, that’s right.  You could win Perry’s Ice Cream for all of 2015!

Each day, we will reveal a new Perry’s prize on our 12 Days of Perry’s Calendar so make sure to check back every day!

We will be selecting the winner of the YEAR’S SUPPLY of Perry’s Ice Cream at the end of the 12 Days of Perry’s, so you have 12 chances at the grand prize by entering each day!

We will be announcing winners each day starting Thursday, December 11th on our Facebook page and on the 12 Days of Perry’s Calendar.

Good luck and spread the word!

 If you don’t have Facebook and would still like to enter, enter via THIS LINK

12 Days

Perry’s turns 96!

November 6th, 2014

Grand Prize Winner: Diane Helinski

Runner-Up Winners:

  1. Rosemarie Miller
  2. JeremyBaxter KellieDugan
  3. Lynn Bridge
  4. Kimberly Douglas
  5. Cassidy Gertis
  6. DoctorBeezee
  7. Missy Babiarz
  8. Carole Bingert
  9. Cathy Fura
  10. Monique Varco Spoljaric


Next week, we are celebrating our 96th anniversary! We would like to thank you for making 96 years possible by allowing you the chance to win Perry’s Fall Flavors right to your doorstep!  That’s right out of area fans, you have the chance to enjoy some Perry’s Ice Cream for the holidays!



Starting Monday, we will be posting a question a day on our Facebook and Twitter pages to test your Perry’s Ice Cream knowledge.  Every correct comment gives you a chance to win!  The more answers you get correct, the more chances you have to win!  Good luck and thank you for 96 years!



Click here for detailed rules.

Hayrides, Leaves to Rake, Pumpkin Pies & Maple Cheesecake!

August 19th, 2014

Maple-CheesecakeAutumn is in the air, and here at Perry’s so is the smell of our NEW Fall Flavor, Maple Cheesecake! Enjoy the taste of fall with our new cheesecake flavored ice cream raked with graham cracker swirls and a maple syrup twist.

pumpkin-pie-render-031-188x156In addition to this new harvest delight we have brought back our Pumpkin Pie just in time for Thanksgiving!  Our pumpkin spiced ice cream with swirls of whipped cream and pie crust pieces is the perfect holiday dessert, minus the baking!

These two Fall Flavors are only available until December, so make sure to pick them up while you can!

Chicken Wing Ice Cream

August 14th, 2014


483640_10152712489130252_1068802567_nMany of you may have heard about our Chicken Wing ice cream.  Some will be happy to know that it was our April Fool’s Day prank last year! We do not produce a Chicken Wing flavored ice cream (sorry for any disappointment!). We were very surprised with the numerous requests that came in for the flavor and the many adventurous appetites out there!

Although we may not have Chicken Wing, we do have a variety of unique flavors for you to try! We will be announcing our NEW Fall Flavor at the end of August, so stay tuned! :)

Facebook Post Announcing Chicken Wing Ice Cream
Facebook Post Announcing April Fool’s Joke