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5 Holiday Ice Cream Flavors to Invite This Season

The Importance of the Ice Cream Guest List

Admit it, when planning previous holiday parties, you scrutinized the guest list (after all, having the right mix of personalities is important). And with this holiday season being one-of-a-kind and the guest list shrinking smaller (or being limited to just your household), we suggest taking a closer look at your holiday ice cream “guests” – you know, those flavors that are going to occupy your precious freezer space during the month of December!

Just like people, ice cream flavors have personalities of their own. They each bring something unique and different to the party, so it’s important to have the right selection on hand. That’s why we’ve come up with our 5 “flavorite” guests to stock up on for the holidays.

The Flavor Guest List for your Freezer 

1. Signature Vanilla 

The most versatile flavor in all of creation is a must have for the holidays. Face it, Thanksgiving to New Years is the season of homemade desserts. There is no way I am pairing my grandmother’s famous apple pie with anything but Perry’s Vanilla (I do want to remain in the will, you know). On the flip side, vanilla is also the best compliment (aka masking agent) for the burnt, smoky flavors my sister’s desserts seem to be known for (someone please tell her to just bring wine). On top of it being dessert pairing perfection, Perry’s Vanilla is sure to be a crowd pleaser, even for the pickiest of eaters (or his cousins FrenchBean and Madagascar)! 

perry's vanilla ice cream

2. Peppermint Stick

This classic is Perry’s #1 selling limited edition holiday ice cream flavor. Candy Canes and ice cream, what could be better? (Ok since you asked, hot fudge on top!) This simple combination is a crowd pleaser and pairs well with cut-out cookies. Whether you serve it for dessert on Christmas Eve or share a bowl with the kids while you watch Home Alone, Perry’s Peppermint Stick will give everyone the holiday feels (better grab 2 next time you’re out). 

perry's peppermint stick ice cream

3. Fireball

This hot little number of cinnamon flavored ice cream with hot cinnomonettes is a flavor you might want to keep on the top shelf. No seriously, you won’t want to have to share this with the kids. Fireball is the perfect night cap to any of your holiday extravaganzas – think apple cider, a splash of Fireball whiskey, topped with a scoop of Perry’s Fireball. This adults-only concoction is sure to give you that warm and fuzzy holiday feeling. If you absolutely must share, or simply want to keep things PG, this flavor pairs well with warm apple pie. (Don’t believe us? Try it!)  

fireball ice cream pint

4. Tuxedo

Move over Neapolitan, there is a new flavor in town! Perry’s Tuxedo is the perfect trio of dark chocolate, vanilla, and coffee flavored ice cream. (Where has this flavor been all my life?) This is your reward flavor – you know, for doing all the decorating, shopping, wrapping, baking, (the list goes on) so the holidays arrive with all the wonder and magic everyone loves. Sit in the glow of the lights and dive into a bowl (a big one, maybe two!) and just know how awesome you are! 

perry's tuxedo ice cream

5. Bad Breakup

The holidays are notorious for broken hearts (most likely December 27th after the gift giving). To cover all the bases, having a pint of sea salt caramel chocolate ice cream with milk fudge swirls and fudge filled hearts on hand will help soothe the broken hearted. Ok, even if you’re not grieving a breakup, this flavor is a must have. Maybe use Perry’s Bad Breakup to eat away your sorrows from this less-than-perfect year.

bad breakup ice cream

Even though your holiday tables will be smaller this year, your festivities can still be full of the “good stuff”! Whichever Perry’s Ice Cream flavors you invite to your table this season, we’re thankful you’ve chosen us to be a part of your holiday celebrations and precious memories.  

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season! 

If you’re thinking about giving the gift of ice cream this holiday season, visit shopperrys.com.

Contributor: Gayle Denning & Gabe Buck