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Find your perfect ice cream and classic romance movie pairing  

If cozying up with a pint of creamy, rich, extra indulgent ice cream and a classic romance movie is your ideal Valentine’s Day, that makes two of us. Whether you’re snuggled up with your other half, hanging with your best gal pals or flying solo, pick a movie and we’ll tell you which ice cream flavor is its perfect match.  

Watching The Notebook? You should try Grasshopper Pie  

Grasshopper Pie Valentine's Day Card

This might be the perfect recipe for a great romance movie. Set in the 1940s, a young working-class Noah (Ryan Gosling) and wealthy Allie (Rachel McAdams) spend the summer falling in love. An argument between the couple and Allie’s sudden departure from town leaves Noah heartbroken. Both spend years wondering what could have been. Reunited, Allie’s faced with a difficult choice. Keep the life she’s built since Noah, or return to the person she never stopped thinking about?

We bet if Noah had to pick a flavor, it’d be Grasshopper Pie. The mint ice cream with fudge swirls and creme filled cookies would taste pretty good on that great big porch he built for Allie, don’t you think?

If your pick is Valentine’s Day, pair it with Rocky Mountain Raspberry  

Rocky Mountain Raspberry Valentine's Day Card

What better time to watch a movie called Valentine’s Day, right? Featuring everyone from Julia Roberts to Patrick Dempsey, this star-studded cast list will have you wondering how big the budget for this movie was. All interconnected, each character’s relationship highlights the complexity of both love and heartbreak on, you guessed it, Valentine’s Day.   

This movie shows that finding true love might mean overcoming obstacles, making Rocky Mountain Raspberry the perfect pick. Rocky Mountain Raspberry is white chocolate extra indulgent ice cream with almond raspberry fudge chunks and raspberry swirls. 

Is He’s Just Not That Into You your fav? Try Piece of Cake     

Piece of Cake Valentine's Day Card

Speaking of ensemble casts, this is another can’t-miss, feel good rom-com with each character learning their own lessons in love. Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Scarlett Johansson, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Anniston and many more, this movie is a reminder to never settle for anything less than you deserve (this is also true for good ice cream). 

Sometimes you win and sometimes you strike out in love, but either way, Piece of Cake makes things that much sweeter. This fan favorite flavor is extra indulgent yellow cake ice cream with thick chocolate frosting and pound cake pieces.  

If How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is your go to, try Peanut Butter Cookie        

Peanut Butter Cookie Valentine's Day Card

Feeling uninspired in her career, “How To” advice columnist Andie Anderson wants to push the boundaries in her next piece. Andie finds inspiration in her friend’s trials in love and has the perfect topic: “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.”  Andie will get a guy to fall for her and lose him in just 10 short days.  

Meanwhile, ad executive Ben Barry bets he can make any woman fall in love with him in just 10 days’ time. Andie and Ben meet, not knowing of each other’s plan (of course), leading to comedic misunderstandings and ultimately, real love.

Why pick Peanut Butter Cookie with this one? Like this movie, Peanut Butter Cookie is a comfort classic that feels so satisfyingly familiar. Peanut Butter Cookie is extra indulgent sugar cookie ice cream with peanut butter swirls and peanut butter cookie dough pieces. 

If Pride & Prejudice (2005) is your pick, we suggest Panda Paws®, most ardently. 

Panda Paws Valentine's Day Card

Based on the classic Jane Austen novel set in 18th century England, Elizabeth Bennett’s parents are pressuring her to marry. Known to do things on her own terms, Elizabeth is uninterested in the suitors suggested to her. She meets a reserved and wealthy Mr. Darcy and eventually, a romance blooms. Each must overcome society’s expectations and their own judgements of one another to fully embrace this newfound love.  

Panda Paws® is the perfect pick for this one because like the movie, this ice cream flavor is meant to be enjoyed again and again. Panda Paws® is extra indulgent vanilla ice cream with peanut butter panda paw cups and swirls of thick rich fudge. No one would describe this flavor as “barely tolerable.”

Watching Ever After? Go for Madagascar Vanilla          

Madagascar Vanilla Valentine's Day Card

Damsel in distress? Not here. Ever After is a twist on the classic Cinderella story. Forced into servitude by her stepmother following her father’s death, Danielle (played by Drew Barrymore) meets Prince Henry (Dougray Scott), who is captivated by her intelligence and tenacity. Challenged by her stepmother and stepsister, this love story is not met without complications. With a little help from Leonardo da Vinci, she breaks through the social barriers and finds happily ever after.   

We love a twist on a classic, that’s why we chose Madagascar Vanilla for this one. If you love our signature Vanilla, you’ll want to try this extra indulgent Madagascar vanilla ice cream with a hint of sea salt! You can also add any toppings to this flavor and create your own “Mona Lisa”!  

Enjoy Crazy, Stupid, Love? Dive into Deep Sea Treasure             

Deep Sea Treasure Valentine's Day Card

After his wife of 20 years asks for a divorce, Cal Weaver (played by Steve Carell), meets womanizer Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling). Jacob convinces Cal to get back out into the dating world, but things don’t exactly go smoothly for Cal. This film is a comedic journey through Cal’s self-discovery, finding his way back to his marriage. 

This movie’s big lesson? True love is deeper than the surface, making Deep Sea Treasure this movie’s perfect match. Deep Sea Treasure is extra indulgent caramel ice cream with salty caramel swirls and caramel sea salt truffles. 

Watching The Proposal? Try Northern Lights               

Northern Lights Valentine's Day Card

Canadian book editor Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is at the risk of deportation until she convinces her assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) to fake an engagement. To keep up the charade, Margaret and Andrew must spend a weekend with Andrew’s family in Alaska. Of course, the facade turns into reality as the couple falls in love in this witty, heartwarming romantic comedy. 

This movie’s trifecta of comedy, love and wit pairs delightfully with Northern Lights’ cosmic collision of sour green apple, blue raspberry and grape flavored sherbet.

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