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Get your freezer ready for game day with Perry’s sports ice cream flavors

We all scream for ice cream (and our favorite team!). We can’t think of a better way to enjoy game day than with a heaping bowl of your sports team’s official ice cream, made for fans in Buffalo and Ohio.

Ice cream made for Buffalo fans  

For over a century, Perry’s Ice Cream is proudly headquartered in Western New York, the heart of Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres country. As devoted fans of our hometown teams, we were eager to make flavors that celebrate our beloved Bills and Sabres.  

Sports ice cream Hey-Ey-Sundae

For the official ice cream of the Buffalo Bills, we created Hey-Ey-Sundae!, a celebratory combination of nougat ice cream, salty caramel swirls and brownie dough pieces. The name is a nod to the iconic Shout! song proudly played in celebration at Bills games and weddings alike (iykyk). Hey-Ey-Sundae! is our 4th co-branded Bills flavor since our partnership began in 2008, joining the ranks of retired favorites such as Rockpile at the Ralph, Brownie Blitz and Sundae at the Ralph. 

Sports ice cream Let's Dough Buffalo

For hockey fans, Perry’s has proudly teamed up with the Buffalo Sabres since the 1980s. (Who remembers Sabres Sundae and Top Shelf Sundae?)  Today, our Sabres flavor is Let’s Dough Buffalo!®, a hattrick cookie combination of cookie dough ice cream with crushed cookie swirls and cookie pieces. The name is a play on the iconic “Let’s Go Buffalo!” chant that fills KeyBank Center at every home game. 

Ice cream that tastes good and does good  

What makes these flavors even sweeter is that they give back to our community. For every purchase of Hey-Ey-Sundae! or Let’s Dough Buffalo!®, a portion of the sales benefit the Bills Foundation and the Sabres Foundation.  

Dig in, Ohio fans!  

We just can’t keep a good thing to ourselves (especially ice cream). So, with Perry’s expansion into our neighbors in Ohio, we partnered with the Cleveland Guardians to bring baseball fans Doughing, Doughing, Gone!® and recently, with OSU Athletics to bring fans The NutHouse!

Sports ice cream Doughing, Doughing, Gone!

Doughing, Doughing, Gone!®, a homerun mash up of chocolate cookie dough ice cream, crushed cookie swirls and cookie dough pieces. This flavor can be enjoyed at Progressive Field and is sold at local retailers in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. 

This flavor scores big on giving back to the Cleveland community. A portion of sales from this flavor benefits Cleveland Guardians Charities.  

Sports ice cream The NutHouse

In 2023, we rolled out The NutHouse, an ice cream made for passionate Ohio State fans. Named after the student section at OSU athletic events, this flavor is a spirited combination of sea salt caramel ice cream with brownie batter swirls and peanut butter cookie dough. A portion of the sales from each carton supports Ohio State scholarships and student activities.  The NutHouse is currently available at Ohio retailers and will be rolling out into other markets in 2024. (See, reading our blog does indeed give you the inside scoop!)    

Developing a sports team flavor  

Developing a sports team ice cream flavor is an art and science that involves input from several Perry’s Ice Cream team members across multiple departments including operations, research and development and marketing. The gameplan? Create a craveable flavor that fans will love that captures the essence of the team it’s named after. After concepts are created, we get input from the teams (with some taste testing of course) to finalize the flavors. We brainstorm a name that pays homage to the team and their fans. Once we select the flavor and name, it’s off to production and to a freezer near you!  

When game day arrives, make sure your freezer is ready. Use our Flavor Finder to find these Perry’s Ice Cream sports flavors near you. Miles away from your home team? We’ve got you! We ship our ice cream anywhere in the contiguous US through our online store, Shop Perry’s.

Contributor: Kristin Rozewski