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Here’s What Ice Cream Flavor You Should Try Next, Based on Your Current Favorite 

Having a go-to ice cream flavor is totally acceptable. Always reliable, you just know it’s going to satisfy your craving every time. If you’re ready to step *slightly* outside of your comfort zone, we have flavors we think you’ll like just as much (and dare we say, maybe even more?). Find your favs below and see what you should try next! 

Mint-Ting-a-Ling | Grasshopper Pie  

A refreshing combination of mint ice cream and Swiss chips, Mint-Ting-A-Ling is a classic. If it’s your go-to, try Grasshopper Pie. Also in the mint family, Grasshopper Pie packs even more of an indulgence with fudge swirls and crème filled cookie pieces. 

Parkerhouse | All American 

This amaretto ice cream combined with maraschino cherries debuted all the way back in the 1950s and made a comeback for our 100th anniversary. If you love Parkerhouse, you’re going to want to try All American. All American is vanilla ice cream packed with maraschino and black cherry swirls for double the cherry taste! 

Cookies & Coffee | Bittersweet Sinphony 

Coffee and ice cream? If you’ve tried it, you know it’s sensational. If you love the taste of coffee ice cream with crème filled cookie pieces in our Cookies & Coffee, you’ll find that our Bittersweet Sinphony is to die for. Loaded with bittersweet fudge swirls and fudge chunks, this classic takes the coffee-chocolate combination up a notch.  

Cookie Dough | Let’s Dough Buffalo® 

Another classic, Cookie Dough is for those who shamelessly indulge in cookie dough straight from the bowl (hey, we’re not judging). Let’s Dough Buffalo® has the cookie dough you love, and adds crushed cookie swirls for even more cookie deliciousness! Plus, it’s the official ice cream of the Buffalo Sabres!  

Neapolitan | Tuxedo 

Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry – Neapolitan is a classic trio. If this trifecta is your go-to, try Tuxedo on for size.  Made with dark chocolate, vanilla and French roast coffee ice cream, Tuxedo is like the older, more refined Neapolitan. Try it if you’re feeling fancy.  

White Raspberry Twist | Rocky Mountain Raspberry  

If you love the combination of raspberry and white chocolate in White Raspberry Twist, Rocky Mountain Raspberry gets a bit more adventurous with almond raspberry fudge chunks and raspberry swirls in white chocolate ice cream. 

Rainbow Sherbet | Northern Lights  

Love the daytime, fruity, refreshing taste of raspberry, lime and orange flavor of Rainbow Sherbet? Then you my friend are ready for the nightlife with Northern Lights. Made with sour green apple, blue raspberry and grape flavored sherbet, this one takes you from day to night in just one scoop.  

Panda Paws® | Cherry or Chocolate Panda Paws® 

You can’t go wrong with Panda Paws®. A universal favorite, Panda Paws® is vanilla ice cream packed with peanut butter panda paw cups and swirls of thick rich fudge. Did you know this classic flavor also comes in Cherry and Chocolate? That’s right—you can indulge in 2 more flavors of Panda Paws®! 

Chocolate | Death by Chocolate 

 If you think the only way to make Chocolate better is by adding more chocolate, try Death by Chocolate. Death by Choclate contains the Chocolate ice cream you love (of course!) and is bursting with chocolate covered almonds, chocolate truffles and fudge chunks.  

Peanut Butter Cup |  Off the Grid  

You can’t go wrong by combining rich chocolate and smooth peanut butter. If Peanut Butter Cup is your fav, you’re going to want to pick up a pint of Off the Grid. This chocolate ice cream is filled with the peanut butter swirls you love, plus chopped up peanut butter cups, adding a little something extra to an already perfect combination.  

Yellow Sundae Cake | Piece of Cake 

Who says cake is just for birthdays? If Yellow Sundae Cake (yellow cake ice cream with chocolate and vanilla flavored cake crumbles and whipped cream ice cream in the center) is your year ‘round favorite, you have to try Piece of Cake. This also has a yellow cake ice cream base, but it’s loaded with thick chocolate frosting and pound cake pieces. Once a scoop shop exclusive, Piece of Cake was so highly requested, we put it in pints in 2022.  

Speaking of cake, try these other cake flavors: Strawberry Sundae Cake, Chocolate Sundae Cake 

We hope this handy guide has helped you discover a new flavor because really, there’s no such thing as too much ice cream. Explore more, see our full list of flavors!  

Contributor: Kristin Rozewski