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Ice Cream for Kosher-conscious Consumers 

Are you looking for “kosher ice cream near me”? You’ve come to the right place! Perry’s Ice Cream proudly offers more than 75 kosher-certified ice cream flavors.  

What does it mean for food to be kosher?  

kosher ice cream

In Hebrew, “kosher” translates to “fit” or “proper” as it relates to Jewish dietary standards. The practice began as a set of biblical laws and encouraged the Jewish community to be conscious and intentional about the foods they were consuming.  

For packaged foods like ice cream to be certified kosher, they must meet extensive standards, including using only kosher ingredients as well as kosher preparation. For dairy products, kosher guidelines dictate that milk must come from a kosher animal and be free of any meat derivative. Additionally, there should be no cross contamination with meat products during preparation.  

Interestingly, while kosher certification originates in religious practices, only 15% of consumers who purchase kosher products do so for religious reasons. 62% of people seek out kosher foods for general health reasons and an additional 34% look to kosher foods because of the high standards for food safety.  

Perry’s commitment to kosher  

Our found H. Morton Perry had a motto which set the standard for how we do business today: “Make sure you put in enough of the good stuff.” This philosophy applies to quality ingredients, which naturally aligns with a commitment to producing kosher products.  

Perry’s Ice Cream has long been kosher certified through Orthodox Union Kosher—one of the most recognizable certification agencies, which has certified over 1 million products in 13,000 plants worldwide. 

So what does it mean to be Kosher Certified? According to OU Kosher, Kosher Certified is “the stamp of kosher approval by a rabbinic agency verifying they have checked the products, ingredients, production facility and production to ensure all ingredients, derivatives, tools and machinery have no trace of non-kosher substances.” In short, every ingredient of a product and the way in which it is processed must be kosher compliant. 

Count on Perry’s for consistency and quality  

Consumers searching for kosher ice cream can expect consistency and quality across our flavors. We source kosher ingredients and follow kosher production processes. No matter what you’re craving, you can dig in because nearly all our flavors are kosher and full of the good stuff.*  

Our team members are trained annually on what it means to be kosher and what must be done to maintain these standards.  

Look for the kosher symbol   

Any ice cream connoisseur knows that not all ice cream is the same. That also means not all ice cream is necessarily kosher—it must be certified as such. Want to know quickly if an ice cream (or any consumer packaged good) is kosher? Look for the OU Kosher symbol. This means the food has been certified by OU Kosher which certifies 70% of kosher food. The rest may feature a different symbol from other kosher certifying agencies.  

Find kosher ice cream near you 

We have over 75 flavors of ice cream—most of which are kosher!* To find a specific flavor near you, use our Flavor Finder. This tool will show you retailers near you where you can find Perry’s Ice Cream. We also ship our ice cream to anywhere in the contiguous US through Shop Perry’s!  

See Perry’s Ice Cream kosher flavors

Still deciding on which flavor you want to try? Check out all the flavors we’re churning out. From the classics to new indulgences, you’re sure to find something for every craving. 

*Please note: Perry’s Ice Cream Hot Cocoa flavor is not kosher. We follow best practices to ensure there is no cross-over between non-kosher and kosher products.  

Contributors: Kristin Rozewski, Marcus Lovelace