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Top Selling Perry’s Ice Cream Flavors of 2023

2024 is officially here! If your resolution is to try more ice cream flavors this year, you’re in good company. Check out our top selling ice cream flavors at retailers and in scoop shops in 2023. Plus, explore even more flavors to scoop up this year!

strawberry ice cream scoop

Strawberry (Scoop Shops) – This flavor was big at scoop shops this summer. Our refreshing Strawberry ice cream is loaded with strawberries, making this one a summertime staple. 

super hero ice cream scoop

Super Hero (Scoop Shops) – This colorful cherry bubblegum, lemon and blue raspberry combination is bursting with flavor, and will have you feeling like a kid again!   

cotton candy ice cream scoop

Cotton Candy (Scoop Shops) – A favorite among some of our youngest and oldest fans (hey, good ice cream knows no age limit), this cotton candy flavored ice cream will transport your tastebuds to the carnival. 

Let's Dough Buffalo! ice cream

Let’s Dough Buffalo!® (Retail) – Our Buffalo Sabres partnership flavor, this fan fav is a hattrick combination of cookie dough ice cream, crushed cookie swirls and cookie dough pieces.  

Perry's Neapolitan ice cream

Neapolitan (Retail) – Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry? Why pick one when you can have all three?  

Cookies & Cream ice cream

Cookies & Cream (Retail & Scoop Shops) – Creamy Vanilla ice cream mixed with crème filled cookie pieces is like having the delicious taste of cookies and milk on a cone!  

Cookie Dough ice cream

Cookie Dough (Retail & Scoop Shops) – Made for the people who know that the best part of the cookie is the dough. This flavor is cookie dough ice cream with chunks of cookie dough and chocolate chips. Yum!  

Mint-Ting-A-Ling ice cream

Mint-Ting-A-Ling (Retail & Scoop Shops) – This flavor’s name rolls right off the tongue, and tastes pretty good, too! This creamy mint ice cream is loaded with satisfying Swiss chips.  

Perry's Chocolate ice cream

Chocolate (Retail & Scoop Shops) – Our signature Chocolate ice cream just hits the spot! This classic is sure to top the list for many years to come! 

Peanut Butter Cup ice cream

Peanut Butter Cup (Retail & Scoop Shops) – There are few things that go together as well as peanut butter and chocolate. This delicious combination of our signature chocolate ice cream with peanut butter swirl is a craveable fan favorite time and time again. 

Perry's French Vanilla ice cream

French Vanilla (Retail) – Our vanilla flavors are so satisfying, and this French Vanilla is no exception. What makes this flavor “French?” Egg yolk, of course! Using egg yolk in the mix gives this flavor an even richer, creamier, taste. 

Panda Paws ice cream

Panda Paws® (Retail & Scoop Shops) – Our signature flavor! Take a walk on the wild side with Vanilla ice cream loaded with peanut butter panda paw cups and swirls of thick rich fudge. 

Perry's Vanilla ice cream

Vanilla (Retail & Scoop Shops) – Always a best seller, our Vanilla is versatile! Pair with your favorite dessert, top it with your favorite fixings, or just enjoy it plain—delicious any way you have it!  


Pick your 2024 favs 

Browse our full flavor list and discover something new to try in 2024! We’ve got a flavor for every craving. 

Here’s to an even sweeter 2024!  

Contributor: Kristin Rozewski