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Winter Ice Cream: Try These Holiday Limited-Editions

A sure sign the holiday season is upon us? Your favorite winter ice cream flavors are showing up on the shelves. Whether you’re hunkering down at home or celebrating the season with friends, these limited-edition flavors are sure to get your tastebuds in the holiday spirit. 

zero visibility winter ice cream

Zero Visibility® – Last year we told you this one wouldn’t be back until 2026, but sometimes we can be as unpredictable as the WNY weather. Because fans loved this coconut rum ice cream with shredded coconut pieces so much, we decided to bring it back for one more season before returning it to the vault. Stock up because it’ll be a long wait before Zero Visibility® is in the forecast again! 

white christmas winter ice cream

White Christmas – Our Christmas ice cream is a classic treat that’s been part of families’ holiday traditions for years! This festive flavor is mint and white chocolate flavored ice cream filled with red and green mint pieces.

peppermint stick winter ice cream

Peppermint Stick – Like a candy cane, Peppermint Stick provides a sweet tingle! Savor pink peppermint ice cream with red and green peppermint candies. 

Fall for these other favorites  

If you’re on dessert duty this Thanksgiving, look no further. These crowd pleasers require no baking (score!) and encapsulate the tastes of the season.  

Perry's fall ice cream flavors

Friendsgiving – Inspired by classic thumbprint cookies, Friendsgiving is almond ice cream with blackberry swirls and sugar cookie dough pieces.

Pumpkin Pie – This holiday dessert staple tastes just like the classic pie but in ice cream form, of course. Indulge in pumpkin ice cream swirled with whipped cream flavored ice cream and pie crust pieces. 

These winter ice cream flavors are only here for a limited time! Dig in before they’re gone.  

Contributor: Kristin Rozewski