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Introducing New Barista Bars™: Caffeinated Ice Cream

barista bars, caffeinated ice cream

Our team at Perry’s Ice Cream has taken today’s hottest (or coolest in this case) flavor trends and turned your freezer into a coffee house (no drive thru required!).  Introducing Perry’s new Barista Bars™.  Available in three gourmet varieties of caffeinated ice cream.  

Cold Brew & Mocha Latte

Since your answer to “want coffee?” is always “yes!”, we’ve combined fresh, local milk and cream with rich cold brew or a hint of chocolate (caffeine included), worthy of your aficionado status.   

Hide the box for yourself or share…for a price (we don’t judge). 

barista bars, caffeinated ice cream

Chai Tea

If sweet, spicy flavor is your thing, we have combined the vibrant flavor of chai (caffeine included) with fresh, local milk and cream, worthy of tea connoisseurs.  No fancy teacup required. 

Behind the scenes at Perry’s! How did this buzzy line come to be?  

We sat down with Nichole Buryta, Perry’s Brand Manager and Liane Stachewicz, Perry’s Developer for their inspiration and insight on this new caffeinated ice cream novelty line.  

Inspiration: Q&A with Nichole Buryta, Perry’s Brand Manager

Q. What was the inspiration for these frozen treats? (besides the love of specialty drinks and ice cream!)  

Perry’s marketing team sometimes takes a lunchtime drive to our local coffeehouse as a way to break up the day and enjoy a beverage. Therefore, we thought it would be convenient to have ice cream bars that are coffee and tea infused and contain caffeine for the days when you want that afternoon coffee but popping out of the office is not feasible.

Plus, gourmet coffees and teas are growing in popularity and we saw an opportunity to combine Perry’s great ice cream with awesome coffeehouse flavors.

Q. Why these flavors? Are there other flavors in the works? (we won’t tell, promise)  

These are some of the most popular flavors offered by baristas. We are always working on new combinations… you never know!  

Q. Who is going to love these bars? (and be in good company with me.)  

Anyone who loves coffee or tea! Even those who do not drink coffee on a regular basis often enjoy caffeinated ice cream . 

Q. Do you have a favorite? (all of the above is an acceptable answer)  

If I had to pick one, I would say Chai Latte. Not to toot our own horn, but the chai flavor is spot-on! 

Q. Anything else you think our readers will find fascinating?  

As an avid coffee drinker, this was one of my favorite product development projects to work on. Who doesn’t love coffee and ice cream?!

barista bars, caffeinated ice cream
Insight: Q&A with Liane Stachewicz, Perry’s Developer (AKA Creation Wizard)

Q. What did you think when your friends in Marketing wanted specialty drink gourmet frozen treats?

I was so excited to get started! I’m a big coffee consumer and the market is lacking good specialty coffee flavors on shelf in ice cream novelties. 

Q. How long did it take to create these master pieces?  

Three months.

Q. What was the hardest part in crafting these yummy ice cream treats?  

Making sure there was enough caffeine while balancing the flavors to ensure that they were exactly right. 

Q. Are there any special ingredients we need to know about? (did I hear caffeine?)  

Caffeine, for sure! One bar = 1 cup of coffee 

Q. What flavor is your favorite?  

ALL of them! I could never pick just one. 🙂 

Thanks, Nichole and Liane!

Need your caffeine fix? (no drive thru required) 

Check out our flavor finder to find a store near you or shop now and have our caffeinated ice cream delivered right to your door! 

Contributors: Gayle Perry Denning, Nichole Buryta and Liane Stachewicz