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Meeting Needs, During an Extraordinary Time of Need

We’re living in unprecedented times – a phrase we’ve all been hearing a lot lately. With the outbreak of COVID-19, there has been an overcast of uncertainty across the country and around the world. While we don’t have a whole lot of answers for what’s to come, we can assure you of one thing: we are working hard to continue bringing “the good stuff” to our consumers, customers, distributors, and team members during this difficult time. 

As a food manufacturer, Perry’s is an essential business in NYS. Not only that, we are also a distributor of other frozen foods for our various partner brands. That means we’re not only tasked with delivering essentials like our ice cream, but also other necessities such as frozen meals and pizzas. We know that we play a crucial role in our community, and we plan to continue to do just that, while making sure our 400+ team members, both onsite and offsite are protected.  

“Today, when I think of our response to the unprecedented challenge of the Coronavirus we face, I have great pride in our team members & organization for pulling together to support one another, our families, our customers and our communities,” said Robert Denning, President and Chief Executive Officer.  “This is the kind of “Good Stuff” I am witnessing and most thankful for right now.  One has to believe, supporting our customers during this most difficult time will be long-remembered after the current crisis subsides.”

We will continue to work with our retailers to meet their current and upcoming needs, and plan to adjust products produced and stocked as necessary to meet those needs. Given the rapidly changing situation, we will be assessing and reassessing needs on a daily basis.  

Our “Good Stuff” Stems From Our Great People 

Being deemed an essential business during this time of crisis helps to keep our team members working. On the flip side, it’s presenting unique challenges and a need to adjust our operations to ensure that above all, our team members’ health and safety remains a top priority. As a Safe Quality Foods certified manufacturer, we already follow very strict guidelines in accordance with the federal regulations that ensure the production of safe, quality food.  Notably, Perry’s branded products feature a tamper-evident seal on our pints and family size packages, an additional step we have taken to ensure the safety and quality of our products for consumers. Along with what we’ve already been doing, we have added extra sanitation measures throughout the facility. We have also worked to reduce the number of people in the facility at a time in an effort to engage in social distancing. Additionally, we are working to add more temporary positions to accommodate current team members that need to take leave. See and apply to our open positions here.

We’re With You 

Perry’s makes life’s best moments better, and can even make the tougher ones sweeter. 

We hope that during this time of uncertainty, you are able to gain focus on some of the positives in your lives and celebrate the time spent together with gratitude, perhaps over a bowl of ice cream. 

We want to take a moment to express our gratitude to all of our team members who are working tirelessly to support our business during this time, the amazing employees at our retailers who are relentlessly trying to keep the shelves stocked for their customers, the truck drivers across America who are keeping the supply chain running, and all of the first responders, medical workers, and all other essential personnel in our community and across the globe.  

May we come out of this stronger than ever before, with newfound appreciation for the little things in life. Thank you for choosing Perry’s to be part of your “life’s moments” for over 100 years.  

Gabriel Buck, Lindsay Robson & Marissa Wilson