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Perry’s Ice Cream Celebrates 97 Years in Akron, NY

Perry’s Ice Cream
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Local Ice Cream Company Turns 97

Perry’s Ice Cream Celebrates 97 Years in Akron, NY

97 years

Akron, N.Y. – November 13, 2015 – Perry’s Ice Cream, a Western New York tradition, is celebrating its 97th anniversary today. This fourth generation company in Akron continues to produce the great-tasting ice cream that taught its fans there is always a reason and a season to enjoy Perry’s Ice Cream.  After all, life is a bowl of Perry’s!

Brian Perry, Executive VP & Chairman states, “We remain committed to the same values and tradition of quality we were founded on in 1918. With today’s modern technology and advances in ice cream production, Perry’s remains true to my great-grandfather’s original recipe. We continue to craft the Perry’s brand, slow cooking it one batch at a time to achieve the exceptionally creamy texture and taste our fans know and love.”

The perfect batch of Perry’s Ice Cream comes from fresh milk and cream blended with the finest ingredients and flavors. Whenever possible, Perry’s supports local vendors and farmers as 98% of milk used comes from farms within 50 miles of Akron.

In addition, according to Robert Denning, President & CEO, “Perry’s employs over 300 people from the surrounding counties and is also known for serving its community through local sponsorships and partnerships as exhibited by our recent work with Pegula Sports Entertainment.”  As Denning stated, “we are thrilled to be a part of this exciting time in Buffalo by partnering with Pegula Sports Entertainment to create One Buffalo Premium Ice Cream. Kim Pegula worked with our team to create the flavor, choosing to include one of Buffalo’s signature items, sponge candy.  This exciting new flavor is reflective of our pride in the city and excitement around its recent renaissance.”

Quarts of One Buffalo Premium Ice Cream will be available in local retailers by the end of January.


About Perry’s Ice Cream­­­


Perry’s Ice Cream, founded in 1918 by H. Morton Perry, and headquartered in Western New York, is a family-owned and operated fourth generation ice cream manufacturer with over 300 employees.  Perry’s Ice Cream uses fresh milk and cream from local farms to proudly craft and slow-cook its delectable ice cream products the old-fashioned way, for an exceptionally creamy texture and taste.  For additional information about Perry’s Ice Cream, visit:  www.PerrysIceCream.com or @perrysicecream via: