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Sundae Cake: An Ultimate Ice Cream & Cake Mash Up

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Love ice cream cakes?  They are not just for birthdays anymore! Try Perry’s Ice Cream‘s new Sundae Cake line a mash up of ice cream & cake with a whipped cream ice cream center.  If Sundae Crunch Bars are your go-to summer novelty, these are made for you! 

New Sundae Cake Line: Four Fantastic Flavors!

Almond Sundae CakeAlmond ice cream with almond cake crumbles and whipped cream ice cream in the middle (all I need is to pair this with a cup of coffee and I have that Sunday morning feeling) 

Chocolate Sundae CakeChocolate ice cream with chocolate cake crumbles and whipped cream ice cream in the middle (if you like chocolate sundae crunch bars, you will love this new flavor) 

Strawberry Sundae CakeStrawberry ice cream with strawberry cake crumbles and whipped cream ice cream in the middle (see a pattern here?) 

Yellow Sundae Cake Yellow cake flavored ice cream with chocolate cake crumbles and whipped cream ice cream in the middle.  Tastes just like a piece of cake! 

Sneak peek…so how did these amazing ice cream cakes come to be?   

We chatted with Nichole Buryta, Perry’s Brand Manager, and Amanda Gleba, Perry’s Developer, on the inspiration and insight behind our new Sundae Cake line.  

Inspiration: Q&A with Nichole Buryta, Perry’s Brand Manager

Q. What was the inspiration for these new, unique cake flavors?  

Ice cream cakes are a large category in the US but are often reserved for special occasions like birthdays or holidays. Why wait for an occasion? We wanted to bring the ice cream cake experience to Perry’s fans every day!  

Q. How did you decide on the flavors?  Are there other flavors in the works? (you can tell us; we can keep a secret.)  

We knew chocolate and strawberry would be great flavors since they are cousins to our Sundae Crunch bars. Fans of Perry’s Piece of Cake flavor will love Yellow Sundae Cake and almond is a classic flavor. Our team is always working on new combos. What flavor should be next? Send us a note!

Q. Does there have to be a party to try these?  

No way! They are perfect for any moment. Back from walking the dog? Sundae Cake. Finished organizing your closet? Sundae Cake. Put away all of the groceries? You guessed it- Sundae Cake!  All occasions are a reason to celebrate!  

Q. What flavor do you predict will be the favorite? (my guess is Yellow Sundae Cake)  

You can’t go wrong with any of them but my prediction is Chocolate Sundae Cake (my personal fav)!  

Q. Anything else you think our readers will find fascinating?  

We did a lot of testing to make sure we could load in as many cake crumbles as possible. Your scoop will not be shy on the good stuff!  

Insight: Q&A with Amanda Gleba, Perry’s Developer (AKA Head Flavor Creator)

Q. What did you think when your friends in Marketing wanted an ice cream cake IN an ice cream container? (you need to find new friends) 

I loved the idea! We thought this would be a fun and exciting challenge for the R&D team to think outside the box to develop an ice cream cake in an ice cream container! 

Q. How long did it take to create these masterpieces? 

6 months of development to create these flavors.  

Q. What was the hardest part in crafting these yummy ice cream treats? 

Deciding which flavor combinations would be the best tasting, so many great combinations to choose from! We had a lot of fun making ice cream samples and of course trying them all.  

Q. Can you tell us, what are those yummy cake pieces? (they seem familiar) 

Those yummy cake pieces are the cake crumbles coated on the outside of sundae crunch bars 

Q. What flavor is your favorite? 

It’s hard to pick just one, they are all delicious! 

Thanks Nichole & Amanda for your inspiration and insight!

No party? No problem. 

Check out our flavor finder where you can find a store near you or shop now and have ice cream delivered right to your door! 

Contributors: Gayle Perry Denning, Nichole Buryta and Amanda Gleba