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‘Tis the Season to Ship Perry’s Ice Cream!

Give the coolest gift this season 

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping (yes, we know it’s October, but the holidays creep up fast). It’s time to make your list, check it twice, then head over to shopperrys.com and check everyone off your shopping list. No, seriously, we’ve got what everyone wants this year – ship Perry’s Ice Cream delivered direct to your door. You can even throw in an ice cream scoop or Perry’s gear to those on your nice list.

perry's ice cream holiday flavors

Why Perry’s Ice Cream is the best gift

If you’re trying to figure out why you should ship Perry’s Ice Cream to your loved ones this season, we have put together a short list of reasons why it’s the perfect gift. 

  • Did we mention its ice cream?  
  • There’s a flavor for every person and personality (have fun deciding what to send!)   
  • Guaranteed not to go to waste (after all, wasting ice cream is a federal offense—ok, not really, but we think it should be) 
  • It’s a built-in crowd pleaser (like we said, there’s something for everyone) 
  • Score major brownie points with the relatives (take that, sister!)  
  • No gift wrapping (major plus) 
  • You can have your shopping done by Black Friday (hint: we have a really good deal coming Black Friday weekend)  
  • If they’re good friends, they might just send you a Perry’s pack back! 

Be together even if you’re not  

Let’s face it, a lot hasn’t gone as planned this year. But, we have all gotten pretty good at going with the flow. Maybe you can’t have the holiday get-together with your family that moved out of state like you usually do (thanks, COVID). That doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate together one way or another. As celebrations become smaller or move virtual, we have a way you can all still break bread (or in this case, scoop ice cream) together, near or far.   

Get online, send a Perry’s Gift Pack (and a Zoom invite) and connect with friends and family for a virtual ice cream social! Catch up over a bowl of White ChristmasPeppermint Stick, classic VanillaFriendsgiving, or…. Sorry, we’re getting off track here because choosing the flavors just might be the hardest part.  

While it might not be the holidays you envisioned, you can still celebrate with your favorites – we’re talking ice cream and people! And just think, if you’re usually traveling, this year you get to skip the long car ride, sleeping on the pull out, and sharing a bathroom with 6 other people. Or if you’re usually hosting, you only have to tidy up your Zoom room (or hey, throw on a virtual background, we won’t judge). 

Won’t the ice cream melt? 

Okay, so now that we’ve convinced you that there’s enough Perry’s to go around at every celebration and we’ve checked off everyone on your gift list, you’re probably wondering how we ship ice cream without it melting, so let us enlighten you. 

It’s no easy task to ship Perry’s Ice Cream, but we pull out all the stops for our loyal Perry’s fans. First, we take the ice cream from our 18-below-zero freezer and pack it in a special insulated shipper with plenty of dry ice to keep it cold. Then, over the streets and through the towns to anyone’s home ice cream goes (in the contiguous US, that is)! Trust me, we’ve got this. With a little bit of dry ice and holiday magic, we promise to deliver your ice cream safe, sound and solid!  All you need to do is click here to order

Ok, it won’t melt, so now what? 

To conclude, we just made your holiday shopping (and dessert) that much easier. Head on over to shopperrys.com to grab the most delicious gift of the season! 

P.S. If you don’t have Perry’s in your area, you might as well snag one for yourself too. (After all, the season of giving also includes gifts for yourself, right? #treatyourself) 

Happy holiday prepping from Perry’s Ice Cream

Contributors: Gabriel Buck & Gayle Denning