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Waste Not, Want Not

Our waste-not-want-not philosophy in reducing our waste to landfill is good for the planet and good for Perry’s. Our responsible business practices help maintain Earth’s delicate balances, so that future generations will enjoy her as much as we do. read more

Less water and natural gas:
In 2011, efficient scheduling reduced water usage 10% and natural gas usage 7% vs. the year before.

Less electricity: By implementing a system that allowed us to more easily see where we were using our electricity, we were able to reduce consumption by 7% in 2011. Shocking that it was that simple!

Less Solid Waste:
Year over year we have reduced solid waste to landfill by 29%.
Long-term, we plan to reduce upstream waste by challenging our partners to deliver packaging and materials that are lighter but stronger.

More Recycling: Though we’ve been recycling various components of our waste for years, we surprised ourselves by how much more we could do to keep materials out of landfills. In 2011, we expanded our recycling efforts and more than doubled our collection rates for mixed paper, plastics, and cardboard. As a result, our recycling revenues covered 99% of our solid waste disposal costs.

More Re-use: We love to shop for gently used or surplus office supplies before purchasing new.

More Happy Returns: Team Members select a different charity each quarter to receive funds generated by our “Community Returns” program, which collects cans and bottles throughout the company for recycling.

Read about our 2012-2013 plans in our Sustainability Report