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Zero Visibility® is BACK!

The wait is finally over!

Zero Visibility® is back again after 5 long winters away. We know ALL about enduring lengthy winters in Perry’s hometown of Western New York. In fact, we’re “experts” on the subject!

Zero Visibility® is coconut rum ice cream with shredded coconut pieces.

Behind every great Perry’s flavor, there’s a story to be told.  

Zero Visibility® is arguably one of our most requested seasonal flavors. Believe us when we tell you we have seen your pleas for it to make its return for the past 5 years. And we totally get it, we love it too! However, distance makes the heart grow fonder. So now that it’s back, it’s time to eat your heart out! This flavor will be available through January 2022, and then will be returned to the vault until 2026. Don’t miss your chance to stock up now before it’s gone! 

Zero Visibility®  was originally introduced in 1997 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Blizzard of ‘77, the iconic snowstorm that left Buffalo, NY and its surrounding areas at a standstill from January 28 –February 1, 1977.  This flavor has been a seasonal ice cream fan favorite ever since!  

This flavor was originally created to play homage to the Blizzard of ‘77. However. in its more recent years, it has morphed into a flavor dedicated to our fellow residents of the wider Great Lakes region and their hearty spirit that gets them through the long winter months.

Let’s face it, all of us in the Great Lakes region have had some sort of run-in with the long winters up here. Whether it’s the crowded trips to the grocery store the day before lake effect snow is due, digging your neighbor’s car out after being plowed in, or driving around with your trunk filled with sandbags, we’ve all been there in one way or another. After all, if you don’t keep your snow brush in your car year-round, are you really from the Great Lakes? 

How can you get Zero Visibility®?

Zero Visibility® will be available at retailers throughout New York and Western Pennsylvania. Find Zero Visibility® near you today using our flavor finder, and check out the rest of our limited edition seasonal flavors.

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