Our most indulgent ice cream yet

Our pints are now creamier, richer and more indulgent to give you a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the everyday. Packed full of the good stuff like almond raspberry fudge chunks, brownie batter swirls, and pound cake pieces (to name a few!), these extra indulgent pints are the perfect “me time” indulgence.  

These flavors belong on your “must try” list  

So, what makes Perry’s Ice Cream pints extra indulgent? Here’s the scoop: we’ve revamped our formula by increasing the butterfat and density resulting in a luxurious ice cream experience. Each rich, creamy spoonful is more craveable than the last. With 13 extra indulgent flavors and 1 unique sherbet, there’s a flavor that tastes like it was made just for you.

Bad Breakup®

Ice cream heals all wounds

Extra-indulgent sea salt caramel chocolate ice cream with milk fudge swirls and rich fudge filled hearts  

Brownie Batter

Finally, a batter you can enjoy straight from the bowl

Extra-indulgent brownie batter ice cream with tasty brownie batter swirls and chunky brownie dough bites  

Cheat Day

Reward yourself with a bit of extra indulgence

Extra-indulgent brown sugar ice cream with tasty brownie batter swirls and chunks of brownie dough & cookie dough  

Deep Sea Treasure

On the hunt for the good stuff? Deep Sea Treasure awaits

Extra-indulgent sea salt caramel ice cream with decadent sea salt truffles and gooey caramel  


Coming in hot!

Extra-indulgent fiery cinnamon flavored ice cream with zesty cinnamon flavored swirls and spicy cinnamonette candies  

Grasshopper Pie

Sometimes “me-time” comes in a pint

Refreshing extra-indulgent mint ice cream with thick fudge swirls and sweet crème filled cookies  

Madagascar Vanilla

Basic? Nah, we call it versatile

Melt-in-your-mouth extra-indulgent Madagascar vanilla ice cream with a hint of sea salt  

Northern Lights

Tasteful inspiration for your wanderlust

Sour green apple, blue raspberry and grape flavored sherbet 

Off the Grid

Relax, unplug, and (extra) indulge

Extra-indulgent chocolate ice cream with creamy peanut butter swirls and chopped peanut butter cups  

Panda Paws®

Paws off! This pint is perfectly portioned to be all yours

Extra-indulgent vanilla ice cream with our signature peanut butter panda paw cups and thick rich fudge

Peanut Butter Cookie

No oven required

Sweet extra-indulgent sugar cookie ice cream with creamy peanut butter swirls and irresistible peanut butter cookie dough pieces    

Piece of Cake

Cake isn’t only reserved for birthdays

Extra-indulgent yellow cake ice cream with thick chocolate frosting and fluffy pound cake pieces  

Rocky Mountain Raspberry

Discover new heights with a base of smooth white chocolate

Mouth-watering extra-indulgent white chocolate ice cream with almond raspberry fudge chunks and sweet raspberry swirls  

Southern Pecan

The good stuff never goes out of style

Extra-indulgent butter pecan ice cream with delicious pecans 

Mouth watering yet?

Use our Flavor Finder to find these extra indulgent pints at a retailer near you! If Perry’s isn’t available where you shop yet, have your ice cream shipped right to your door through Shop Perry’s.