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Perfecting the Art & Science of Making Ice Cream

Ice cream. Who doesn’t love this rich and creamy frozen treat? At Perry’s we’ve been in the dairy business for over 100 years, and we’ve been making ice cream since 1932. That’s a long time and a lot of ice cream. And after all those years, we’re still using the family recipe that our founder, H. Morton Perry, used to make the first batch that jump-started Perry’s Ice Cream as we know it today!

Of course, a lot has changed since we churned that first batch in 1932, but many things at our core have stayed the same: like our commitment to quality, delicious ice cream, and always living by our founder’s philosophy, “Make sure you put in enough of the Good Stuff!” At Perry’s the “Good Stuff” is abundant, starting at our people and extending to our products.

At its foundation, the “Good Stuff” includes an understanding of the ingredients and processes we use. For example, did you know each batch of Perry’s is slow-cooked before it’s frozen? Our cooking process gives that added creaminess you’ve come to expect with Perry’s. Beyond that, there are so many things that go into our process to make the perfect batch every time. 

Ice Cream 101 Training Program

Because of the complexities, we have a robust program for our production Team Members called Ice Cream 101 that includes education specific to ice cream manufacturing. This knowledge compliments the hands-on training Team Members experience on the job. The objective of this two-pronged approach is to teach the next generation the art of making quality ice cream.

The program also includes a comprehensive plant tour, understanding ingredients and their functions, freezing and air incorporation, the different types of frozen desserts, and proper documentation. The twelve-hour class is broken into either six or twelve classes and is limited to no more than three students at a time. This is so each enrolled Team Member gets plenty of time for questions with Brian Perry, our Executive Vice President and a member of the 4th Generation of the Perry family, who is very involved with production and processes at Perry’s.

Team Members are provided with a plethora of knowledge on the science behind making our products. By teaching our Team Members about the industry beyond their day-to-day activities in their jobs, it brings more awareness of the role they play in providing high-quality, delicious flavors to Perry’s fans.

making ice cream at Perry's
Ice Cream 101 Graduates (left to right): Matt Luke, Alphonso Williams and Mark Devantier with Brian Perry

“I’m responsible for putting smiles on millions of people’s faces. What’s a better feeling than that?”

Matt Luke, Freezer Sanitation Technician

You can learn more about our rich and creamy history here.

Does this type of training and experience intrigue you? Check out our open positions and learn more about growing your career with Perry’s here.

making ice cream at Perry's
Ice Cream 101 Graduates (from left to right, top to bottom): Valerie Bulmer, Chris Lindemuth, Jon Santiago, Frank Heisler, Kenyon Edwards, Joe Neubecker, Larry Sparks

Contributor: Kyra Rieker, Gayle Perry Denning & Gabe Buck